Atomic Bar

Williamstown is known for its first-class bars and pubs, and Atomic Bar is located right in the heart of Williamstown’s bar strip and is among the best of them.

A good place to have drinks with your mates and chill out at, Atomic Bar has big black comfy couches at front of bar, allowing patrons to have a good view of the park and port and water across the road, and to watch the band sing cover versions of classic rock and pop songs. Or if you would rather enjoy the bar’s surroundings without having to pay attention to the band (though you can hear them loud and clear from down the street), then you can sit and drink at a table outside. There are also small tables to stand at and coffee tables with comfy but somewhat torn black chairs to sit at towards the back if you prefer the sense of anonymity the darker part of the bar provides. The bar has big white cover chandeliers at front end, while the back end has small fancy gold chandeliers with black covers, and there are similar-looking abstract paintings and mirrors all along the walls, as well as three blackboards listing the type of shots, white wines, and red wines are available and how much they cost. All the different wines, beers, and spirits on offer are all on display behind the bar and are reasonably priced, but there are also wines hidden away in a big display cabinet in a dark corner that you would not see at all if you stayed at the front of the bar all night, indicating Atomic Bar has a large selection and quantity of wines for patrons to choose from. There is also a TV to watch that strangely has a postcard stand next to it. The disco balls on the ceiling have purple lights to make little purple circles go round, telling patrons that Atomic Bar is a place you can party at as well as to relax at over a few cold ones.

Unfortunately, the disco balls must be too small for most patrons to notice, because no one seemed really into the music being played. If you love old school music, then Atomic Bar will be a blast for you, though everyone else may appear to think otherwise. No one got up to dance until about 11:45, which is extremely late for such a thing to start happening at a bar of all places! The cover band were really good and knew how to belt out tunes that everyone knew (with a sexy blonde singer to boot!), playing classic party hits like ‘Walking On Sunshine’ by Katrina and the Waves, ‘Groove Is In The Heart’ by Deee-Lite, ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’ by Duran Duran, ‘Love Shack’ by B-52s, and ‘I Will Survive’ by Gloria Gaynor (this was the song that finally got the ladies dancing, and one or two of them even ‘wooed’ when the singer said she was going to sing this song; clearly a favourite with the gals). In between the band’s sets, more oldie songs like ‘I’m So Excited’ by Pointer Sisters, ‘View From A Bridge’ by Kim Wilde, ‘Centerfold’ by J. Geils Band, ‘Our Lips Are Sealed’ by The Go-Gos, and ‘More Than This’ by Roxy Music were played over the speakers. All the aforementioned songs make it needless to say that Atomic Bar is aimed at an older crowd, though most of the people there were anywhere between their 20s and 30s.

Atomic Bar has a function room available for private events, and the dress code is not strict (clothes the other patrons wore varied from a jumper and jeans to a tight white dress). The bouncers were no problem, and the bartenders provide good service. If you are not from Melbourne and liked Atomic Bar, why don’t you grab one of the postcards at the front and send it to your friends back home and tell them all about what a good time you had there.

Originally published here at on Tuesday 25 January 2011

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