Lagerfield Sports Bar

Everyone in Melbourne knows you go to Crown Casino to gamble, drink and everything in between. If your reason is to indeed the one involving alcohol, but can’t be bothered dealing with all the hard core partying at Crown’s nightclubs upstairs, then Lagerfield is the place for you.

Lagerfield is a sports bar with all the big screen TVs playing anything from footy to cricket you would expect to see at a local pub, but being at Crown Casino, it’s obviously going to be a more upscale version of a pub. While of course you and your mates can come around to watch and yell at the umpire’s “uncalled” ruling, you don’t even have to be a sports person to enjoy yourself (though it certainly helps).

The bar is very slick, from all the couches and tables available to drink at, as well hearing the DJs and bands playing. The bar counter has water flowing underneath it, and it looks like your drink will be washed away if placed on it; very cool (though it wouldn’t be if the drink you just paid for sailed away). The bar also has a real variety of drinks, from cocktails, wines, and both local and imported beers, such as Lagerfield Lager (making the venue’s name yet another piece of advertisement you will see at Crown).

The beer garden is a big plus. Not only can you smoke out there, but you get a lovely view of the busy Clarendon Street, which looks gorgeous at night (though you will see many taxis go by on account of Lagerfield being right in front of Crown’s taxi waiting area). Besides the scenery, it’s also a good, ever so slightly quieter place to chat with mates away from the loud chit chat and music inside.

Lagerfield has an easy going atmosphere with its relaxed dress code (smart casual should do it) and the variety of people aged from their 20s and 40s is nice for everyone to have a nice drink at, and definitely is a top starting point for a big night out.

Originally published at on Monday 3 September 2012

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