TT3D: Closer To The Edge

TT3D: Closer To The Edge follows the 2010 Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, the most renowned motorcycle race in the world. This documentary follows the rigorous training that the racers go through, as well as their passion and their hopes of winning this highly dangerous sport that could very easily end their lives.

While the film shows some of what the competing racers go through, TT3D primarily focuses on Guy Martin, an eccentric man whose love of all things racing surpasses every other interest or concern he has in life. His earnest and frank comments about both racing and life are very funny, showing he is a man not afraid of being himself, making Guy the oddball of the motorcycle racing world. Guy also gets into plenty of strife with the racing commissioners for his reckless extracurricular racing through town, being late for tests, and does not even bother to stay on the podium when he comes second in a race.

As the title suggests, TT3D is presented in 3D, highlighting the excitement and danger of motorcycle racing, though the races are too few and far between to justify being shown in 3D in the first place. The film grabs your attention from the get-go, as you see motorcycle racing from the point of view of the racers, and it shows that while racing they mostly see the stretch of road right in front of them and only looking up when need be. It also shows how this annual racing event affects the community as the town gets taken over by motorcycle fever. Motorcycling fans from all over the world come far and wide to see the five races that happen, with one fan always wearing a grey leather outfit with badges of the motorcycling event he has been to over the years.

However, the harsh realities of racing are shown as well. The audience is never allowed to forget the dangers of what these brave, if not reckless, men voluntarily put themselves through. There is a montage of motorcycle crashes that is quite brutal and will shock audiences at how horrific they are. But TT3D is not about shock value; it is about men following their dream, despite the dangers. However, people who are not motorcycle fans may not care much for the plight of these motorbike enthusiasts.

Originally published at on Saturday 15 October 2011

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