Yacht Club Hotel

Port Phillip Bay is known as a former shipping area turned chic bar strip, so a few bars in the area are named in reference to the area’s history, but the Yacht Club Hotel seems to have the least imaginative name of these venues. But that certainly does not mean this hotel is bland or not worth checking out.

The Yacht Club Hotel is a moderately sized place that had people aged anywhere between 18 through to their 40s, all wearing smart casual attire, and a bar with cheap drinks, but only a few wine bottles on display, so it is mostly beers and spirits on offer here. The red lit chandeliers above the bar and along the walls, along with the black curtains on the ceiling, give the venue a sense of mystery and intrigue, or considering red is often associated with lust, it could be in place to encourage patrons to hook up with randoms for a private party of their own, though that may be reading too much into it.

There are also big red swivel chairs at the front of the bar, along with a coffee table with newspapers, making the venue feel a bit more like home, though you will miss out on the view of the park and bay thanks to the tennis court across the road. There are two photos of pillars on docks that people tie their boats to painted onto the walls, one of them with a light above it that keeps changing colour that looks cool, and another photo on a wall of a boat in the ocean. These photos look nice and remind patrons of what Williamstown is known for.

At the back end of the bar are two pool tables for those who want to do something besides drinking and dancing, which has gold chandeliers above it to make the area stand out from all the red in front of it. There is also an unused fireplace, making the Yacht Club Hotel feel even more like home.

The music the DJ plays isn’t bad either and will get you dancing, even though a lot of it is generic dance music. The music ranged from danceable songs from recent mainstream hits like Afrojack’s ‘Take Over Control’ and a remix of Duck Sauce’s ‘Barbara Streisand’ that replaces Babs’ name with Justin Bieber’s, to ‘90s RNB classics like Tupac’s ‘California Love’ (one girl screamed ‘Oh my God!’ when this started playing). These songs certainly made sure the dance floor was put to good use by drunken patrons getting their groove on. There are also many tables to sit at if you just want to focus on your drinking or to watch whatever is on TV, though you won’t be there for too long with what is going around you.

Originally published here at barsandnightclubs.com.au on Tuesday 25 January 2011

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