Killing Time Bar

Killing Time is a weird-looking place from the outside, and you cannot see too much inside through the windows, but the creepy poster of Heath Ledger’s Joker just behind the entrance is attention-grabbing enough to make people walking along Chapel Street come in and see what is inside this mysterious-looking bar.

The aforementioned Joker poster is just one of the many weird things inside this small bar. There is a rocking horse hanging on the ceiling, poker cards on the wall, a painting of a pirate, Mickey Mouse painted onto the wall, and the rocky surface of the wall patterned like a tree. These, along with the wired fence the DJ plays behind, make the place feel surreal, but interesting nonetheless. Even the name of the bar could be interpreted in two ways: a place to “kill some time”, or “killing” time, adding to the weird, dark atmosphere of the place, which is just plain cool. In terms of normal things more commonly seen at bars, there are also couches and stools around small benches on the wall to drink at, tables outside, plants, and even a fireplace to warm up at.

The electronic music played here is cool and adds to the crazy vibe of the place, and if you have had a few drinks, it will probably make you want to dance. Though some of the other patrons were dancing away, there is not much room to do so, so you won’t be doing much of that for long. Speaking of drinks, there is only a limited selection to choose from here (the tiny shelves holding the drinks behind the bar was crammed into a corner), so if you’re one to want to try a variety of drinks to get plastered on when going out, then you will be disappointed if you go to Killing Time. The bartender serving was friendly (he hugged a girl who went up to him, although she was probably a regular), so that slightly makes up for the few drinks on offer.

Available to hire out for functions too, Killing Time is an interesting venue that seems to have a mid-20s to 30s crowd. While the whacky decor may appeal to patrons, or at the very least grab their attention, the poor selection of drinks will more than likely displease customers and make them go elsewhere.

Originally published here at on Monday 11 April 2011

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