Mothers Milk

Mothers Milk is a pretty chilled out bar at the southern end of Chapel Street in Windsor, and considering its upscale location, it does not disappoint.

The orange lighting around the venue, thanks to both the glass swan chandeliers and patterned lamps, gives it a mysterious yet inviting feel to it, enticing people walking past in the street to come in and check it out. There are couches for people to sit comfortably on that are near the fireplace that would be great during the colder nights or the stools at the front of the venue or at the bar are available too, or patrons could go and sit at one of the tables outside on the warmer nights.

The patrons’ nice casual dress sense, as well as the plants and the round white chandeliers, make Mothers Milk seem inviting and easy to get into its groove. It does not hurt if you like rap music either, such as Snoop Dogg’s ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ and Biggie Small’s ’90s rap classic ‘Hypnotised’, along with numerous other rap songs, were playing at the time. There is no dance floor at Mothers Milk though, so you won’t be able to get jiggy with it. One of the bartender’s was wearing a Dr Dre t-shirt, so Mothers Milk’s staff members have an obvious love for rap music. Various anime shows were playing on the TV at the time too, assumingly for the randomness factor to spice things up.

The bartenders here are quite friendly, and even bring out your drinks to you if you and some friends are sitting at a table. There are various bourbons and tequilas behind the bar to choose from, as well as white and red wines and beers, though going by the venue’s website, it seems to mostly trying to advertise their cocktails more than their other alcoholic beverages.

With most of its patrons seeming to be around their mid-20s, Mothers Milk is a great place to hang out for a bit over a few quiet drinks or to catch up with mates before heading off to one of the more raging nightspots on Chapel Street, or to even hold a function at if you want a place on Chapel Street to have a private event at.

Originally published here at on Monday 11 April 2011

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