Vinyl Lounge

With the look of an old cottage on both the outside and the inside, Vinyl Lounge is a small, but cosy bar amongst the more vibrant bars and nightclubs along Mount Alexander Road, but Vinyl Lounge holds its own against its competitors.

Vinyl Lounge is a pretty small venue that has the aforementioned cottage look, especially thanks to the 1970s-style shiny flower wallpaper, but mixed with the look of a modern lounge bar at the same time. The round and cylinder amber chandeliers makes the venue very dimly lit, giving it a relaxed feel to it, though the bar has bright blue lighting that makes it stand out, though all the beers and tequilas on display do that already. There are also “Cocktail of the Month” signs around, making it obvious that cocktails are the main drink the venue is trying to sell its customers, which will be an even more lucrative move for the venue on Happy Hour Fridays. After purchasing said drinks, there are comfy white seats along the walls, as well as stools around small tables to sit at, for those wanting to have a drink or two before heading to the dance floor, and they have a TV playing music videos from Channel V to watch too.

The dance floor is tiny, but fits in with the cosy feel Vinyl Lounge is going for, especially with the fireplace there, though there are disco balls above the dance floor. The DJ played commercial, house, and electro music that the venue’s crowd of people in their late-20s and older really got into. Playing new songs like ‘I Got A Feeling’ by The Black Eyed Peas (the female patrons ‘wooed’ when this song started playing) and ‘Hotel Room Service’ by Pitbull, as well as classic ’80s dance tracks like ‘Sweet Dreams’ by The Eurythmics, all the music was just as danceable but varied at the same time. There was a big screen TV near the dance floor too, though it was not put to good use as it was just used to promote an upcoming event at the bar, which could have been playing music videos as well, which would have not only been simply more interesting to look at, but also more fitting with what was going on at the dance floor.

Available for private functions as well, Vinyl Lounge would be a good place to go to if you and a big group of friends want a venue to have a private party at and drink up and dance the night away together, though on other nights it is a much quieter and relaxed affair.

Originally published here at on Monday 21 February 2011

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