Blink 182 – ‘After Midnight’ Music Video

Blink 182’s latest single ‘After Midnight’ from their album Neighborhoods is now accompanied by a bittersweet, but awesome music video.

Taking place in a youth psychiatric ward, this music video depicts two young patients in love mucking around in the asylum when it’s supposed to be lights out (or “after midnight”, to be exact) as their only form of escapism in such a miserable place. This setting enhances the bleak tone of the song and aims to appeal to troubled teens, as they did with their previous songs/music videos. In fact, the way the tables the young patients are sitting at and how the main guy is throwing his pen in the air at the beginning of the video almost hint at a high school setting, or at least the high school state of mind the characters are in.

Both the band and the music video’s director Isaac Rentz (who also directed the music video of the band’s previous single ‘Up All Night’) continue the dark tone, but with the notion of young love prevailing that they have been doing ever since the days of their other love songs like ‘First Date’ and ‘I Miss You’. You could say, in terms of tone, that ‘After Midnight’ is somewhere in between the happy-go-lucky tone of the former and the miserable tone of the latter. Either way, it’s a hell of a song/music video!

Originally published at on Tuesday 17 January 2012

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