Men And Women: Friends Or Foes?

Don’t you just love the opposite sex (or the same sex if you swing that way)? Just seeing a looker really does bring you joy (to your genitals at least). Unfortunately, there are lookers out there who know they are good looking and know how to use it to their advantage and act nice to get what they want from you.

After a long girls night out, all girls want to do is get home to start recuperating from their inevitable hangover or just to get off their feet after dancing the night away and making their feet blister heaven. Unless there’s a designated driver in the group or they’re game enough to take public transport back home amongst all the weirdos only seen at night, their best option is to get a taxi. We all know how hard it can be to get a cab late at night and just as hard is getting a cabbie willing to drive you home if they can be arsed to do so.

Not too long ago I was outside a club undercover waiting for the heavy rain to stop pelting down. Right in front of me were a group of scantily dressed, dolled up ladies trying to get a taxi. While bitching about the rain and trying to get a cab, a group of muscly, Jersey Shore-like fellas came along and hailed a cab for these lucky ladies. But the question needs to be asked: were these guys being gentlemen out of genuine kindness, or were they hoping it’d get them a root? Personally, I believe it was the latter reason. Even though those guys didn’t get to go off with the chicks and while they may have not necessary expected sex, they probably wanted to try getting in the taxi with the girls or at the very least get their mobile numbers.

While those girls were lucky the guys moved on, many guys out there would will feel justified in copping a feel and try to persuade the girls to find a motel. If the girl happened to be keen on the guy too, then I guess it’s a happy ending for both parties, but often girls get into sticky situations with guys they’re simply not interested in, and that could very easily put them in an awkward situation. Or even worse, some arsehole will spike a girl’s drink when they’re not looking and fuck your whole night up, or much worse.

However, it is not like all girls are innocent, unsuspecting victims of this sort of thing. Many skanky bitches use their looks to get guys to hail taxis for them (making the guys do all the hard work while the skanks just bitch about their predicament), and once they’re in the cab, they just leave, probably without even merely saying thanks to the guys. When they’re in nightclubs, these skanks flirt with fellas to get themselves free drinks. In either situation, once the guys have served their purpose, the skanks then walk away from them back to their own equally malicious skank friends. If the guys try to continue talking to the skank, she’ll tell him to fuck off and give him the dirtiest look imaginable.

I probably shouldn’t be putting this video on as it will give the type of skanks I’ve been talking about ideas on how to rip off even more fellas, but it may help less intuitive guys out there know what to look for if some broad suddenly starts talking to them and they seem suss.

What entraps the poor guys unfortunate enough to have to deal with these lowly type of girls even more is if he tries to stand up for himself by arguing with the girl for treating him like shit. She’ll start playing the victim and start looking scared and bawl her eyes out in front of everybody on cue with an Oscar worthy performance, especially when other guys come to the rescue (probably expecting to get laid after saving the “damsel in distress”). These self-appointed knights in shining armour automatically assume it’s the guy who’s at fault and the guy will get kicked out of the club, or even get bashed by the knights of the bicep table, for an evil bitch who will just do the same thing to other guys.

While I am definitely not saying you should avoid talking to someone you reckon’s sexy, just be careful, because there are plenty of opportunists out there who will take advantage of your drunken state to get what they want and turn their back on you as soon as you’re no longer required.

Originally published here at on Monday 9 January 2012

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