Milk Bar’s Guide To Melbourne’s Beaches

It’s summer again, when young and old put on their bikinis or budgie smugglers and hit the water on the long hot days. Beaches are also good places for a perv, but that’s another story.

Though Melbourne’s weather can go from hot to cold in an instant, there are plenty of beaches all over town where you can cool off on those days when you’re sweating like a pig and have nothing better to do. Here are some of our favourites:

St Kilda Beach is without a doubt Melbourne’s most iconic beach, for a variety of reasons. Besides having a splash or working on that tan, St Kilda is full of bars and restaurants to grab something in between swims. The Espy at dusk on a summer night is a thing of beauty (and British backpackers). Nearby Luna Park is there for those who want to do something besides being beach bums. Of course St Kilda Beach can get super crowded, with Elwood a little further south a (relatively) quieter alternative.

Brighton Beach owes a lot to the 82 vividly coloured beach huts that have made this beach postcard-worthy. Along with gorgeous views of the city, Brighton Beach is easy on the eye. Nearby Bay Street has places you can grab a bite when your stomach needs to be filled up, which is even more annoying as you are supposed to wait an hour until you go swimming again after eating.

Williamstown Beach is the most popular beach in Melbourne’s west. Williamstown Beach Railway Station is within walking distance from the beach, making it easy to get there by public transport. There is a restaurant right next to the beach for those wanting to dine or take in the view, plus a kiosk and an ice cream shop for those Burger Rings and Frosty Fruit fixes.

A little further down the track past Sandringham is the lesser known Half Moon Bay. Walking down weather beaten cliff faces to a sheltered cove, Half Moon Bay is a ruggedly beautiful beach. Besides the view bathers can swim out to the wreck of the HMVS Cerberus, and have good old fashioned fish and chips at the nearby pier. While it’s a little further out, the clean water and sparser crowds make Half Moon Bay a great option for those with some time up their sleeve. And if you’re heading to the beach, what’s the hurry anyway?

What are your favourites?

Originally published here at on Tuesday 10 January 2012

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