Van Halen – ‘Tattoo’ Music Video

Thought to be long gone but certainly not forgotten, hard rock band Van Halen have come out of hibernation with their new single ‘Tattoo’ and a music video to boot.

While most of Van Halen’s albums would be in the bargain bins at JB Hi-Fi nowadays, they will soon have a new album on the shelves called A Different Kind of Truth accompanied by ‘Tattoo’. It is the first single the band have released ever since when their last album Van Halen III came out way back in 1998!

The black and white music video just of the band performing the song on stage is very reminiscent of the band’s classic ‘Jump’ music video which also just had the band performing on stage (the ‘Tattoo’ video does without the tacky ’80s gear and synthesizer music in ‘Jump’ though). At the end of the video, all these balloons start coming from the ceiling and singer David Lee Roth waves a giant finish flag around. Perhaps this is the band’s not-so-subtle way of saying they’re back to party hard and come first place in the music charts all over again?

Despite being an older band that half of the youngsters buying (or at least downloading) new music haven’t even heard of Van Halen, the ‘Tattoo’ video has already had approximately 2.3 million views on YouTube. While a lot of those who watched the video may have been merely curious to see what Van Halen have come up with after such a long absence from the music scene, there’s a fair chance they were pleased with what they saw and didn’t think of the band as a crappy shadow of what they used to be. I too was skeptical of the song when I first heard it, thinking it was the band trying to rehash their old stuff, but upon a second listen, it’s not bad. Realistically, a band as old as Van Halen aren’t likely to top today’s music giants the likes of Lady Gaga and Beyonce in the charts, but rock fans will be stoked the band are back together and making new music nonetheless.

It is a shame that the 2011 Soundwave Revolution festival that Van Halen was supposed to co-headline got canceled because it would have given them a great way of showing off their new stuff as well as play their greatest hits. Here’s hoping Van Halen still do a tour of Oz in the near future.

Originally published at on Friday 20 January 2012

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