Australia Day: Day Of The Yobbo

In light of yesterday being Australia Day, for many nothing says Australia like yobbos (perhaps more commonly called bogans nowadays). These AC/DC loving folk are a great source of mostly unintentional laughs, depicted as such in TV shows like Kath & Kim, Bogan Pride, and most recently Housos (hands down the funniest Australian show of 2011!).

Many find yobbos annoying, so those who think yobbos are a bunch of drunken filthy dickheads probably hate Australia Day as Australia Day really lets the yobbos shine (so to speak). Wearing red, white and blue or green and yellow, waving the Aussie flag around or at least attaching a small flag to their ute, yelling ‘Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi oi oi!’ at the top of their laughs non-stop. It truly is a great day for them.

In honour of these folks with a love of flannelette shirts, here are some well known bogans who are, unlike most bogans, intentionally funny:

The first one is definitely the oldest of the following videos, which is why I put it first. ‘Australiana’ was a comedy sketch from 1983 by an Aussie comedian named Austen Tayshus that was number 1 on the charts. He is not as well known nowadays, which is a shame, because a bloody funny bastard! Unlike Rodney Rude who thinks just by acting like a yobbo makes him funny (it doesn’t), Austen Tayshus does the yobbo act while making a great observation of Australian culture.

‘Put Down That Stubbie’ is another one from Austen Tayshus that he made in 1989, but unlike ‘Australiana’, it failed to chart. But it’s still very funny and about the yobbos dying out (though I guess he was wrong as they’re still around). If the tune sounds familiar to you, it’s because it’s from the Midnight Oil song ‘Put Down That Weapon’, and Austen Tayshus does a great pisstaking of it.

Fellow Aussie comedian Chris Franklin did a pisstaking of the Australian bogan with the 1998 number 1 hit ‘Bloke’. A parody of the 1997 Meredith Brooks hit ‘Bitch’, Franklin also hit the nail on the head of his analysis of the Aussie yobbo with such great lyrics like ‘I’m a bloke, I’m a yobbo, and me best mate’s name is Robbo, I smoke cigarettes, I dress in flannelet’ and ‘The season’s already changing, from footy to cricket’. Brilliant.

This video of Trent from Punchy became a YouTube sensation back in 2008 and summed up the type of uneducated young man people have (unfortunately) associated with the western suburbs. But in any case, it’s fucking hilarious!

Lastly, but certainly not least, is a clip from the aforementioned SBS comedy Housos. Created by the makers ofPizza and Swift and Shift Couriers, Housos sums up what it is to be like a dole bludger and bogan (the two go hand-in-hand) in present day Australia.

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