OK Go – ‘Needing/Getting’ Music Video

Chicago alternative rock band OK Go have created one of the most innovative music videos ever for their single ‘Needing/Getting’.

Different bands and different music video directors are always trying to make the most memorable and imaginative music videos possible, but this music video combines music with physics! Driving at high speed through a driving course in the middle of nowhere and in a vehicle with stick-like things on the side and on top of it to hit the glass to make them chime and barrels for the drum beat, while the guitarist is cramped in the passenger seat trying to play his instrument and the driver is singing along while playing lead foot. That description does not in any way do the music video justice, so please watch it after you’ve read this.

The music video’s awesomeness detracts from the song’s subject matter of a jaded lover waiting for their partner to change and stop being so selfish, but it’s obviously what’s happening in the video that takes precedence over the song’s content. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing in this case. Just imagine how precise everyone who worked on this video had to be to make sure not one person stuffed up and made them have to shoot the whole video all over again! (On that note, I laughed at the end of the video when someone says ‘Did you get that?’)

Originally published at primomag.com.au on Saturday 11 February 2012

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