Red Hot Chili Peppers – ‘Look Around’ Music Video

The music video for the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ new single ‘Look Around’ has been released and it’s pretty cool.

The third single from the band’s latest album I’m With You sees each member of the band in separate rooms, which according to the band’s Facebook page, loosely represents each of the band members’ personalities, so almost all the props and artwork in the rooms came from their personal collections. This is interesting, since singer Anthony Kiedis wears a prison uniform in a lounge room (and his son and dog make appearances), bassist Flea in a lounge rolling around in his undies with a chick, drummer Chad Smith is in a bathroom with a punching bag and plays his drums while sitting on a toilet, and guitarist Josh Klinghoffer in an empty room with a chair and coffee table. Hmmm.

It also seems like the video takes the song’s title ‘Look Around’ literately, as the camera goes around and round into the various rooms, which can be dizzying towards the end when Kiedis hops from room to room. The band’s Facebook page also says there will be a special version of the music video to be released where you can control what room you want to watch. An interactive music video; what will they think of next!

Originally published at on Friday 27 January 2012

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