Arctic Monkeys – ‘R U Mine?’ Music Video

The music video for the new Arctic Monkeys single ‘R U Mine?’ has just been released, and it’s as cool and stylish as anything.

The DJ who introduces the song looks like a cross between filmmaker Michael Moore and Timothy Spall (who played Wormtail in the Harry Potter movies) with an English accent you can’t help but have a laugh at. In contrast to this are the band members themselves, driving in a slick car, all looking like models out of a GQ magazine. If it weren’t for the picture quality and the fact these guys are rock stars, the video looks like something off YouTube with a bunch of guys singing and mucking around in the car and singer Alex Turner holding the camera like one would hold their mobile to take pictures of themselves for Facebook while heading out for a night on the town (not to say that’s a bad thing!)

Like YouTube videos, random things happen in this music video, from drummer Matt Helders tapping the drum sticks on his shoulder while driving, to the female Zorros in the backseat with bassist Nick O’Malley that come out of nowhere. They all head to a warehousing area to do a gig in front of two whole people. Whoa, cra-zy!

This latest single from their most recent album Suck It and See is a catchy (though a bit monotonous) tune about a guy wanting to know if the girl he likes wants to commit to him or not. You could argue that people won’t pick up on top lyrics like ‘I go crazy cause here isn’t where I wanna be, And satisfaction feels like a distant memory’ while watching this slick music video that takes away from the song’s meaning, but hey, music videos are meant to be seen, not heard.

Originally published at on Tuesday 28 February 2012

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