Blink 182 Heading To Oz?

The awesome band that is Blink 182 may very well be heading to Oz for the first time in about ten years. Kickass!

Currently touring the US and soon to head over to Europe to promote their latest album Neighborhoods, Aussie fans have been rapt at the mere possibility of these guys heading back Down Under, considering band broke up in 2005 before reuniting in 2009, making it seem like another Australian tour was not meant to be. Just goes to show that miracles do happen!

With plenty of new material to play from Neighborhoods such as ‘Up All Night’ and ‘After Midnight’, hopefully Aussies will get to hear these great songs live, as well as their classics from fun, catchy stuff like ‘All The Small Things’ and ‘First Date’ to the utterly bleak but beautiful ‘Always’ and ‘I Miss You’.

However, one deterrent Blink 182 faces is the probability of having to travel to Australia via boat since drummer Travis Barker has sworn never to fly on a plane after surviving a horrific plane crash (which more or less got the guys to come to their senses to get the band back together). The band may very well figure they’ll get cabin fever being on a boat for so long and use their guitars to bash each others brains in a’la The Shining and use that as an excuse not to head Down Under, but hopefully the joy of their Aussie fans will convince them otherwise.

Originally published at on Thursday 8 March 2012

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