No Standing Around For Roxanne (Parlour)

Not referring to any of those annoying No Standing signs on the street that appear just as you think you’ve found a free parking space, Roxanne Parlour is hosting No Standing Entertainment, a party filled with all the latest in dance music and plenty of up-and-coming DJs to keep the trance music pumping.

No Standing is kind of an ironic name considering all you’d be doing is standing while dancing to the music, but I’m sure that’s the point, ey?

The DJs pumping the tunes and getting people off their arses to let their inner raver out are Orkestrated, Heath Renata, Dean Del, Joel Fletcher, Nick Mascara, Mike Metro, Samuel James, Fabian Grillo, Choobz, JDG and more. These guys will get two of the three rooms at Roxanne Parlour pumping loud and deafening music, while in the third room, No Standing have got a silent disco for you to listen to your very own tune to groove to and not make you look like a complete goose dancing to music no one else can hear (out loud at least).

Starting at 9pm on Friday 2 March 2012, and with a casual dress code and only $25 per ticket for three rooms with heaps of DJs (tickets can be purchased throughMoshtix), patrons will get plenty of bang for their buck (25 bucks to be exact!)

Originally published at on Friday 2 March 2012

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