ParaNorman Trailer

The makers of Caroline are at it again with their latest upcoming feature film, ParaNorman (clever title, huh?). This Family/Comedy/Horror (an odd blend of genres for sure!) tells the tale of the outcast with cool hair Norman, a little tacker who can speak to the dead, who tries to fit in with his family who think he’s a freak and the other bratty kids who make fun of him. (One kid yells, ‘Hey, it’s AbNorman!’; aren’t kids great at puns?). However, fate forces him to team up with good ghosts in order to stop an evil witch who awakens and lets evil ghosts and zombies loose to destroy his town because of a centuries-old curse.

The trailer makes ParaNorman look like another movie along the lines of The Monster House that will have plenty of laughs, though very little kids might get a bit of a fright from it. It looks to have all the typical stuff of movies about outsiders, like parents that just don’t understand, everything at school thinking he’s a weirdo, and even a bumbling best pal who’s equally unpopular. Not to say these factors mean ParaNorman will be crap; it looks pretty funny actually. While little kids will laugh at the funny things the bumbling pal and the odder ghosts do, the parents that get roped into taking their kids to see this will laugh at the funny references to horror classics like Halloween and Friday The 13th and other jokes that will go over their kids’ heads.

The film has John Goodman, Casey Affleck and Leslie Mann lending their voices, and Aussie youngster Kodi Smit-McPhee voicing the titular Norman. Released in Australia on September 20, ParaNorman could be another funny flick for peeps of all ages to get a laugh out of.

Originally published at on Thursday 8 March 2012

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