Snow White And The Huntsman Trailer

Snow White And The Huntsman is a balls to the wall action adventure that looks nothing like the Disney film or the recent Julia Roberts version Mirror Mirror. Talk about revamping a classic story!

The basic plot seems to be the same as the fairytale its based on: the evil queen wants to remains young and asks her mirror who’s the fairest (i.e. hottest) chick in the land, and the mirror’s honest enough to say that Snow White’s got it going on. But instead of the the queen just trying to get her hands on Miss White, she starts a terrible war to steal White’s youthful essence.

This incarnation of the Snow White tale has a Lord Of The Rings or Chronicles Of Narnia look to it, replacing the colourful, whimsical forest the Disney film put in our heads with barren medieval battlefields. Snow White herself seems more like Joan of Arc than the damsel in distress from the original fairytale, as perhaps the original version of this character would not hold up in today’s world. Talk about girl power!

Starring Kristen Stewart as the titular Snow White, Sam Claflin as Prince Charmant (Charmant = Charming), Charlize Theron as the evil queen Ravenna, and Aussie Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman, it looks like all the fairytale’s principal characters are there. Except, where are the dwarfs? Just picture seeing seven little dudes go all 300 on peoples’ arses; how cool would that have been?

Released on June 21st 2012, if there’s one certainty about this movie, it’s that it’s making Walt Disney roll over in his grave.

Originally published at on Tuesday 20 March 2012


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