Tank – ‘Next Breath’ Music Video

Up and coming R&B singer Tank releases his new single ‘Next Breath’, and it is certainly one of the more heartfelt R&B break up songs from recent years.

More like ’90s R&B along the lines of Seal and Boyz II Men (i.e. good R&B before the genre got botched in the ’00s), the song is about a guy’s agony of going through a bad break up and realising his neglect towards his Mrs ruined his relationship and now he pines for his girl to return.

Though this sounds like plenty of other generic R&B songs out there, the heartache in Tank’s voice and the absolutely miserable look on his face really conveys the pain and suffering that happens with a break up and seems more genuine than in most R&B songs these days.

The music video depicts Tank moping around his apartment and looking at all the photos of her around the house and thinking of better times, all reminding him of what he once had.  He takes all these photos of out of their frames and staples them onto a wall and stares at it with lit candles around. While this might make people think he’s an obsessed stalker rather than a heartbroken man, it’s still a decent song about heartbreak and the horrible feeling of not knowing what to do without that special someone in your life.

Originally published at primomag.com.au on Tuesday 13 March 2012

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