The Moth Diaries Trailer

Another year, another vampire movie. But The Moth Diaries from Mary Harron, the director of the awesome American Psycho, could possibly make this one decent.

The plot is pretty basic teen horror movie fare: high school girl Rebecca (Sarah Bolger) is a girls boarding school student who’s got a ton of friends. But she senses something is amiss with creepy new girl Ernessa (Lily Cole), who becomes popular herself and pinches Rebecca’s best mate off her. She doesn’t know if it’s just all in her head, or if Ernessa could possibly a vampire! *shudder*

Though we can’t expect this film to have the brilliant wittiness of American Psycho, The Moth Diaries looks like a pretty ordinary movie that’s just going to be considered another one of the many Twilight clones made in recent years.

In fact, much of what is shown in the trailer seems to be right out of Horror Movies 101. Just take the following:

It’s set at a boarding school, the main characters are good-looking teenage girls, there is a vampire/s among them, the main character’s parents are either dead or screwed up (or both), the main girl instantly bonds with her classmate, a creepy and pale yet intriguing loner with an old fashioned name (like a female Edward Cullen), said loner singing creepily, a big dark chapel, tested friendships, emo stuff (e.g. cutting your wrist), nearby forest with hidden tomb or something intricate to the story, handsome male teacher that all the girls have the hots for (just see how the girls weren’t paying attention until he said a lot of the Gothic horror stories are about female sexuality and female power), and it looks like said hunk-of-spunk teacher might “like like” the main girl too.

And what moths have to do with vampires, I wouldn’t have the foggiest, though I’m sure there’s some flimsy explanation for it. The title reminded me of the forgotten supernatural thriller The Mothman Prophecies that Richard Gere starred in back in 2002 (underrated movie!), though that movie had an actual moth man, something you don’t ever see in horror movies, unlike the zillion vampire movies out there.

Originally published at on Tuesday 28 February 2012

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