10 Party Song Questions Answered

There are plenty of songs out there that get played heaps on the radio, at parties and at nightclubs that pose a question of some sort about the song’s subject matter. While these are meant to be rhetorical questions the artist never intended to actually answer or want you to figure out, there are just some questions that need answering.

1. ‘What’s My Age Again?’ by Blink 182
Though the answer obviously depends on your date of birth, it seems the person who the song’s about is 23. The song clearly states this. Hands up if when you turned 23 at least one person quoted the part of this song that goes ‘Nobody likes you when you’re 23′ to shit stir you about getting older.

2. ‘Who The Hell Are You?’ by Madison Avenue
Maybe he’s a billionaire playa who’s been able to do things the average person can’t, which has gone to his head, making him think he can do whatever the fuck he wants, including treating girls like dirt. But more likely, he’s just a prick.

3. ‘Where’s Your Head At?’ by Basement Jaxx
Just above my neck? Doesn’t everyone know this?

4. ‘How Will I Know (If He Really Loves Me)?’ by Whitney Houston
If he tries to cop a feel, then it’s a sure thing.

5. ‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now?’ by The Clash
If you’re puking everywhere and everyone’s laughing at you, it might be a good time to head off.

6. ‘What’s My Scene?’ by Hoodoo Gurus
How the fuck should I know?

7. ‘Who Let The Dogs Out?’ By Baha Men
Whoever was stupid enough to let a bloodthirsty Doberman out to bite their throat off.

8. ‘Where Is The Love?’ by Black Eyed Peas
This is a party/nightclub. If by “love” you mean horniness, then it’s all around you!

9. ‘Do You Want To?’ by Franz Ferdinand
‘Do ya do ya want to? Want to go where I’ve never let you before?’ Not with you, mate! Sorry, it’s just that I like poontang too much is all.

10. ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl?’ by Jet
I’m sure plenty of girls would love to be the girl of a member of Jet, but I got a doodle, so yeah, that’s going to be a problem.

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