Top 6 Ways To Get Friends That Don’t Dance Boogieing

Friendships can be funny. There are friends who are very social and are the life of the party, and there are also friends who are quiet and reserved. Though you can enjoy the company of both types, the latter type can be very annoying when you and your group of friends go clubbing and the shy person refuses to dance. Whether it’s because they think dancing is stupid, or they think because of their weight or having no rhythm or their general lack of confidence that they don’t want to embarrass themselves, it’s very annoying when you’re trying to have a good time. There’s just got to be a way to make them change their minds… Well, here’s six of them.

1. Get Them Drunk
We all know booze makes everyone’s inhibitions suddenly disappear, so getting your friend drunk also allows them to relax and forget they have two left feet and start thinking they’re the next Michael Jackson.

2. Keep Bugging Them To Dance
If you keep repeatedly telling your friend to dance, they will eventually get annoyed enough at this that they will concede and hesitantly join the group on the dance floor.

3. Encourage Them To Dance
Tell your friend that they will have fun and that everyone else is dancing (and no one else there is particularly great at boogieing either), so your friend has nothing to be embarrassed about if they’re unco.

4. Leave Them By Themselves
This sounds mean, but sometimes people need to be reminded that they are part of a group, and if they don’t go along with what the group does, they will be left out. No one wants to be left standing alone, especially at a nightclub, so they will reluctantly head to the dance floor.

5. Convince Them Dancing Helps Them Pick Up
If your friend is single and is too shy to try and meet someone, tell them dancing makes them look shitloads sexier as they look confident enough to strut their stuff and their chances of picking up skyrockets!

6. Physically Move Them
This sounds silly, but if all else fails, grab your friend and move them around until they get into the groove of the song for themselves. Observe this scene from the Super Mario Bros. movie (yes, a Super Mario Bros. movie exists!):

Originally published here at on Tuesday 10 April 2012

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