4 Things Not To Say About A Chick At A Club

As the main draw at a nightclub is how good looking you are, guys always try to compliment girls on how they look that night as girls will appreciate a guy noticing all the hard work they put in to getting dolled up. Guys should just simply say that the girl looks good, hot or maybe even beautiful and end his comments about her looks there.

But either because the guy is drunk or is a dickhead, guys often forget they are talking to a girl they have just met, so if a guy says the wrong thing, especially about a girl’s appearance, the girl will storm off; all because of one little slip of the tongue.

Catty girls also shouldn’t make bitchy comments about another girl’s appearance to humiliate them or to make themselves feel superior.

She Looks Skanky Or Fat
The last thing a girl wants to hear is that she either looks like a hooker or a sumo wrestler. When girls dress up to go to a nightclub of all places where you have to look hot to get noticed, they don’t want some knob asking them “How much?” or bitches saying how a girl’s gut is hanging out at the bottom of a tank top.

She Has Too Much Make Up On
Make up in particular takes ages to apply. Both the women dolling themselves up and the men waiting for said women are perfectly aware of this. So do not for any reason say she looks like a drag queen or Krusty The Klown!

She Has Terrible Hair
This isn’t something guys would notice anywhere near as much as girls would. Often girls will complain that their hair is frizzy, has dead ends, is flat or something else; to guys, her hair looks like it always does. Girls get crabby about their hair as it is, so don’t add fuel to the fire by criticising it. For instance, don’t quote the Doodleburger Hey Dad video where the paedophile dad says about his daughter’s bed hair, ‘Nice hair, Deb. You going for the “I’ve just been raped” look?’

She Has Terrible Fashion Sense
Girls take a lot of time and take away from their friends’ time by constantly asking if her new dress is cute or sexy or at least wearable, and what goes with what. Sometimes a girl might go over her head and pick an outfit that she thought might look cool, but doesn’t in reality. This doesn’t just apply to daggy clothes; this goes for shoes, bracelets, and even her friggin’ eyes or something ridiculous like that. If something she’s wearing seems out of place with everything else she’s got on, no matter how minor, just don’t say anything, otherwise she’ll crack the shits.

Take this scene from the awesome ’80s comedy Back To School where Rodney Dangerfield comments on the woman’s green dress:

Originally published here at barsandnightclubs.com.au on Tuesday 8 May 2012

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