4 Two-Faced People To Watch Out For At Clubs

We all meet many different types of people in bars and nightclubs, some we like and some whose lights you want to punch out. Unfortunately, sometimes it is not clear cut on who’s nice and who’s a dick, especially after a few drinks. Many people you encounter may seem alright at first, acting like Dr Jekyll, but after talking to them for a bit, their inner Mr Hyde comes out and reveals its ugliness.

Two faced people unfortunately aren’t as easy to spot as Harvey Two-Face from Batman Forever (and to a lesser extent The Dark Knight), and they don’t go around tossing coins or hang out with The Riddler either. But here is a list of the types of two faced people you should try to avoid on a night out:

1. Sleazes
Sleazy guys will go up to girls and try to sweet talk them and act as charming as possible, basically the opposite of what they really are. These guys only want one thing and act against their nature to get it. But once a girl has firmly expressed she’s not interested in him, these guys turn into really nasty pricks who call these girls horrible names like slut, skank, and cocktease, turning the flirting that happened before into a shouting match.

2. Skanks
These so called hotties will come up to guys and flirt like there’s no tomorrow, using their assets to reel guys in. Often their goal is to get a guy to buy them a drink and they bugger off right after they get the exy cocktail that made the guy’s wallet much lighter. Skanks are also two faced to their equally bitchy friends by acting like besties, but talk shit about them behind their backs, usually saying how the other girl’s a slut or how they hooked up with more than one guy already or something along those lines, despite probably having done those things themselves.

3. Club Promoters
These are those annoying people who walk around with clipboards trying to get people to become a member of their club. If you sign up, they’re all smiles, but if you say no, they walk off, annoyed as they feel they have wasted their precious time on you when they could have been trying to dupe someone else to join their crappy club.

4. Strippers
A stripper’s goal is simple: use their toned body to get your money. Strippers act really nice at first to seduce guys into buying a lap dance and many guys are happy to oblige, but these hos drop the act and treat you like dirt once they are either done with you or know they aren’t going to get what they want.

Originally published here at barsandnightclubs.com.au on Sunday 13 May 2012

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