5 Types Of Clubs That Help You Pick Up

When you meet someone for the first time or you really don’t know what to talk about, either of these dreaded, dull as dishwater subjects are bound to be brought up: the weather or the place you’re at. Usually if these come up, the conversation won’t get any better than that. However, sometimes these trivial, inane factors can actually help you pick up the random that’s just rocked your socks off.

Jungle/Tropical Theme

Venues: Carlton Club, Jungle Nightclub, Hula Bula Bar

With all the hardcore partying going on and tropical plants and stuffed animals around, start talking to a chick by saying ‘It’s a jungle out there!’ and hang around her like you’ll protect her from the vicious animals around (i.e. sleazy tools). Don’t go saying you’re Tarzan and she’s Jane, she’ll think you’re a retarded monkey man; you want her to think you’re king of the jungle!

Video Games

Venues: Mana Bar Brisbane, Mana Bar Melbourne

Though many guys feel that girls think video games are both lame and nerdy, the fact that the girl is at a bar specialising in video games shows she’s not completely adverse to them, so challenge her to a game. Like when buying her a drink, let her pick which game she wants to play. Not only is it an activity for the two of you to do, but it’s just simply fun. If you got game, then the two of you will be heading home to play a two player game of your own (or “multi player” if you’re into that kind of thing).


Venues: Golden Monkey, Double Happiness Bar, Paris Cat Jazz Club

They say people should look to the past to make a better future. In this case, the future is the date you’ll get to go on or that very night if you’re lucky enough. Say how you love the old look of these places and how much the venue looks like a real club from the past, making you look sophisticated and have an old soul; chicks dig older dudes (hopefully ones that act older too).

Strip Clubs

Venues: Showgirls Bar 20, Hollywood Showgirls, Twin Peeks

Guys are probably wondering why a girl is at a strip club if she doesn’t work there, but who cares, it’s a girl who you might actually get to touch at some point. Though the girl will probably think you’re a sleaze anyway since you’re at the strippers, if you start talking to them and keep eye contact on them and not the naked strippers dry humping poles, then it shows the guy isn’t all about sex and wants a “regular girl”.

Ice Bar

Venues: Chill On Ice Lounge, Minus5 Ice Bar

If it weren’t for the fact a coat gets given to you when you enter, say you would offer the girl your coat to keep her warm; it’s one of those instances where it’s the thought that counts. Say something like, ‘Want some ice for that drink?’; it’s a sure icebreaker. Just don’t go overboard with the ice jokes, otherwise you’ll look lame like Mr Freeze did in Batman & Robin. If she does get annoyed the ice jokes, just tell her to chill out.

Originally published here at barsandnightclubs.com.au on Wednesday 23 May 2012

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