8 Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing On A Saturday Night

There have been plenty of Friday and Saturday nights where you didn’t feel like going out because you felt too tired or couldn’t be bothered doing anything or something lame like that. However, after a few hours of doing nothing, a couple of things around your house make you realise that staying at home on one of these nights gets pretty boring quickly. You’re only young once, and you’ll have plenty of weekends at home when you’re old, so go out and enjoy the clubs while they’re still playing songs you know!

1. Boring Television
Ever wondered why boring old movies from the ’70s or earlier and crappy grandma shows like Midsomer Murders or The Bill and infomercials always play on Saturday nights? Because all the young people (TV stations’ target audience) are out clubbing!

2. Video Games
Playing violent games like the Grand Theft Auto or Call Of Duty games might be a great way to kill time by shooting computer generated adversaries, but if this is how you get your jollies on Friday or Saturday night, you need help.

3. The Internet
The internet is both addictive and time consuming, and there’s heaps to look at. Browsing through Facebook and writing people comments might be alright, but your comments will say what day and time you wrote them, so others will see that you were on Facebook when they were partying and you’ll look lame. Or even worse, you start making bullshit videos of you badly playing guitar and singing like you think you’re going to win The Voice and upload it on YouTube, and those videos are just terrible.

4. Party Music On The Radio
The dance music and remixes of Top 40 songs pumping all night long and hearing people doing shout outs to their mates and saying how they’re going to party hard that night will make you jealous of them having an awesome night out.

5. Housework
If you find yourself washing dishes, vacuuming, doing laundry, or dusting on a Friday or Saturday night, you know you need to get out of the house!

6. Silence
At first, it might seem nice to get some peace and quiet. However, after a while, this silence becomes dreadful and lonely, and make you desperate for someone to talk to, and unless you’re throwing a party, no one’s going to come to your boring empty house.

7. Homework
It’s one thing to hurriedly do a uni assignment on the weekend because it’s due on Monday, but it’s another to do it early because you had nothing better to do on Saturday night.

8. Drinking Alone
This is rock bottom of being bored at home. You obviously want to get drunk, but for the wrong reasons! Since you’re already drinking, you might as well head out with your mates and do it. Better to get drunk to have fun than to drown your sorrows.

Originally published here at barsandnightclubs.com.au on Wednesday 9 May 2012

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