Sexting: Technological Teasing

Over time, society changes. One major change that always happens is technological advances, such as the telephone. At first only landlines existed, with the only option of communication was calling people. Eventually mobile phones came along and allowed people to send text messages, which evolved into the photo and video sending mobiles we have today.

One thing that will never change though is people wanting to root anything that makes their genitals tingle. And of course, humans being the horny creatures that we are, had to find a way to make telecommunication perverted. I am talking about sexting, where people send the one they fancy a raunchy text message, photo or video expressing how badly they want to fuck them. Though sexting isn’t the first sexy use of phones thanks to sex hotlines that costs $2 per minute, sexting has allowed us to receive visuals of other peoples’ naughty bits and explicitly suggesting what they want to you to do with those bits.

Somehow, I don’t think this is what Alexander Bell had in mind when he invented the telephone.

Many of us exchange phone numbers with randoms we’ve chatted up at nightclubs and while often we never hear from them again, there are times when people actually do contact the object of lust they saw on the dance floor to take things further. In other words, to act on their instinct to mate.

But for many, first must come the foreplay. In this day and age of short attention spans, dazzling visuals are required to stop us in our tracks. In this case, where your fuck buddy sends you a pic flashing their tits or schlong.

But why do people sext? If they were just a one night stand, why bother communicating with them at all, let alone sending them sexy messages? Sexting is actually quite risky, as the person who caught your eye might send these private pics to their friends to show off the hot piece of arse they’re banging. Or they could get shown to the last people you want seeing them, such as when cheaters get busted by their partner looking through their mobile. Just look at Shane Warne, who sexted before sexting was even a term.

I suppose people sext for the same reason they have sex in public places; for the thrill of it. The risk of getting caught by others has always given people an adrenaline rush. Whether being sexted by someone you met at a nightclub comes off as creepy or sexy to you, peeps want you to perform amateur porn for them. For those who think this is disgusting, just think of when you were dirty dancing at the nightclub; you were practically performing a peep show for everyone! At least sexting is private (or should be private at least).

Every picture is worth a thousand words. Sexy pictures are worth that and a cup of cum for the sperm bank!

Originally published here at on Friday 27 April 2012

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