Top 5 Stupid Party Dances

An inevitable thing that happens from going to nightclubs and parties is people getting up to dance. While generally dancing doesn’t require much effort, there are certain dances that have very precise movements and require good timing. Though they can be a bit of fun, a lot of these dances make many people cringe at the thoughtof having to do it because everyone else is and the naysayers don’t want to look lame. It’s not that these people are party poopers; it’s just the dances are stupid and in no way look cool.

1. The YMCA
A lot of guys might be reluctant to do this dance because of its gay connotations since it was made by The Village People, but it’s a piss easy dance to do (if you can even call it a dance). Ironically, YMCA stands for Young Men’s Christian Association, sort of a mix of a gym and a church. You can imagine how crabby religious leaders would have been when a song about one of their many facilities became a gay anthem.

2. The Nutbush
Though it’s an American song, the line dance to it is has been very popular in Australia ever since the Tina Turner song ‘Nutbush City Limits’ was released in 1973. For those who don’t know, the “Nutbush City” in question is Tina Turner’s hometown in Tennessee. Though Nutbush must be rapt it has someone as huge as Turner to use as its claim to fame, it also has the shame of bringing this dance to the world, and us Aussies seem to have to deal with most of the burden.

3. The Bus Stop

Another very lame dance that’s nearly as annoying as waiting for your late bus to arrive. Somehow a dance to a ’70s disco hit got called the bus stop, though anyone who is forced to catch public transport is too cranky from having to ride in a bus full of weirdos to be in the mood to dance (I’m sure some smart arses out there have done this though).

4. The Time Warp
From the dreadful musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show, only this dance is more horrible than the film itself. Fortunately, the song itself tells you how the dance goes (without screeching the instructions like the “singers” do). It’s just too bad no one can wrap back in time to prevent this dance from being invented.

5. The Macarena
By far the worst dance in history, Los Del Rio have a lot to answer for. The song itself is complete shit, but by far the worst aspect to this is the retarded dance it spawned. This is a dance that people either love or hate; there is no fence sitting on the matter. It has unfortunately been popular since 1996, making people all over the world roll their eyes for the past sixteen years. Why this song became a hit is a mystery for the ages.

Originally published here at on Monday 16 April 2012

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