Top 6 Ways To Make Sleazes Go Away

Though girls should expect guys try chatting them up at least some of the times they go to bars and nightclubs, some guys just do not understand the phrases “I’m not interested” and “fuck off” and keep insisting he can give it to her real good. Fortunately for girls, there are many ways girls can make these guys piss off and leave them alone. As a guy, I know what guys don’t want to hear from a girl, so girls reading this article should take note.

1. Pretend Your Male Friend Is Your Boyfriend
Obviously you need a male friend with you for this to work, and he will surely be happy to oblige help a friend of the fairer sex get out of trouble. Often all the girl has to do is say “I have a boyfriend” in a harsh tone of voice that also implies “He’ll pound the living shit out of you if he sees you talking to me” and the sleaze will go. All you have to do is hold your male friend like putting your arm around him. Many guys know that’s not right to cut another man’s lunch, or if not, your male friend can harshly tell the sleaze to piss off and hopefully the sleaze will at least have the common sense to try to avoid a fight.

2. Tell Them You’re A Man
Though this one is a bit of a stretch and lots of sleazes will probably think you’re bullshitting, the fact is that they don’t know you and you could very well be a former member of his kind. He won’t be game enough to try to cop a feel in case he feels something that feels like the floppy thing he touches often enough at home.

3. Ignore Him
Though this doesn’t always deter sleazes from hitting on you, after a while they will finally understand that you don’t give a shit about them and they will go away. Think of it as a bit like how parents tell their kids that a way to stop another kid teasing them is to ignore their insults and the bully will get bored and stop.

4. Pretend You’re A Lesbian
Tell the sleaze that dick just doesn’t do it for you and you much prefer poonani. If need be, put your arm around your female friend or hold her tight in a suggestive way. Girls shouldn’t use this tactic too often as plenty of sleazes will be even more turned on and want to have a threesome with you and your gal pal.

5. Say You’re Having Your Period
Though I can’t imagine too many girls actually telling a sleaze this, the thought of a bloody you-know will gross out any man and disappoint them that they can’t penetrate them due to natural causes, and if they did, it would be messy!

6. You Or Your Friend Does Something Weird
Though plenty of guys like kooky girls, there are just some things that are plain weird and quite the turn off. The sleaze may be drunk and horny, but will still have the common sense to get away from a crazy person. You or your friend could make weird noises or act like you just came out of the mental asylum, whatever, anything’s fair go.

Originally published here at on Wednesday 11 April 2012


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