10 Nightclubs To Go To Before You Die

Besides seeing other cultures living a completely different way of life to your own, another great aspect of traveling is getting to party at all the nightclubs in cities throughout the world and seeing how other countries party compare to your own. So if you’re in any of the following cities and looking to party at the best clubs the world has to offer, then head over to these nightclubs; you will not regret it.

1. Pacha, Ibiza
Ibiza is the essentially the party capital of the world, so saying Pacha is the best nightclub there is practically saying Pacha is the best nightclub in the whole world! It has five rooms each with its own unique atmosphere, playing anything from House, Disco, Lounge, RnB, Hip Hop, and Retro. Freakin’ awesome!

2. Cielo, New York
Techno and Trance fans should head over to Cielo in New York’s notorious Meat Packing district. Cielo has had more international DJs play here than any other nightclub in North America, and has a world renowned sound system that will, to quote Cielo’s website, “blow the most fastidious audiophile’s socks off”.

3. The Guvernment, Toronto
More like an entertainment complex than a nightclub with eight individual rooms, The Guvernment is the very definition of epic! It’s had top DJs like Deadmau5, Calvin Harris, and Fatboy Slim getting peeps partying, and its music is generated by a world class sound system, only one of four in the world!

4. Fabric, London
Bringing underground dance music and obscure, but talented DJs to the spotlight, Fabric was also the first club in Europe to have a “bodysonic” dancefloor. Fridays have electro rock mixed with dubstep, Saturdays are a 30-hour nonstop disco session, and Sundays have London’s best DJs to end the weekend.

5. Zouk, Singapore
Opening in 1991, Zouk was the first place in Singapore to play House music. It has four distinct rooms inside it: The Main Zouk Room with its multi-level dance floor; Velvet Underground, known for having dance-a-thons until the break of dawn; Phuture plays Hip Hop and R&B; and The Wine Bar for starter drinks.

6. Womb, Tokyo
With Japan being so tech savvy, it’s not surprising Womb has an “ultramordern” look and plays Techno music. With four floors and the largest mirror balls in Japan, Womb is the pride of Toyko’s clubbing scene.

7. Space, Miami
A multi-story building with an outdoor rooftop terrace, there is indeed plenty of space here to party to the House music in one of America’s best nightclubs. With a 24 hour liquor license, you can party and get smashed any time of the day!

8. Ministry Of Sound, London
Ministry Of Sound was once a bus depot and became one of the world’s most well-known dance spaces. With five distinct rooms, four bars, a world-class sound system, and gets world class DJs playing here, it’s no wonder they’re popular enough to sell millions of CDs each year.

9. Berghain, Berlin
Only in the minimalist Berlin could you find a nightclub built inside a former power plant. The building looks povo, but it’s massive! Open from Friday night until Sunday night, Germans really are Über serious about clubbing.

10. Cavo Paradiso, Mykonos
On a hill beside the Aegean Sea, Cavo Paradiso not only has a gorgeous view, but has an intense summer schedule with back to back events of the best House and Trance music this Greek island has to offer.

Originally published here at barsandnightclubs.com.au on Monday 10 September 2012

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