4 Nightclubs Owned By Celebrities

When we think of big time celebrities like rock stars and movie stars, one thing that comes to mind the ridiculous amount of money they have to buy themselves mansions, nice cars and even their own private jets. One thing about rich people is that they are never satisfied with the amount of money they have and want more, more, MORE!!! Greed is a hell of a sin.

Many celebs get their faces splashed all over the tabloids for hitting the town at nightclubs, causing all sorts of scandals. I guess they figured they might as well cash in on their hard partying ways and make a ton of money with a nightclub of their own that will get heaps of publicity just because of who owns it. (I heard on the radio recently that Lindsay Lohan is thinking of opening a nightclub; match made in hell I reckon…).

1. Jay Z owns 40/40 Club in New York City and Atlantic City, USA
Operating since 2003, Mr Knowles must really love baseball, because 40/40 is a sports bar named after a baseball term referring to players who manage to hit 40 home runs and stole 40 bases in a single season, no easy feat considering only four players have ever done this. Thanks to his rap career and having a 40/40 club in two cities, Jay Z now only has 98 problems, and bitches and money ain’t one of them.

2. Charlie Sheen owns The Goose in Los Cabos, Mexico
Having made the headlines and being in photos of many tabloids since the ’80s for his drinking and drug use around nightclubs, Sheen only just this year opened his own bar in Los Cabos to do as he pleases. But already he’s gotten into strife at his own clubs, for using the word “faggot” when he called everyone “faggot assholes” when trying to, get this, get everyone in a good mood. Sheen blamed using this homophobic slur on his “lisp” as he meant to say “maggot” (cough *bullshit* cough).

3. David Arquette owns Bootsy Bellows in Los Angeles, USA
Also known as Courtney Cox’s ex and the doofus cop from the Scream movies, Arquette co-owned a burlesque club for a while called Beacher’s Madhouse, but bailed out to open a nightclub to focus on his new club Bootsy Bellows that has photos of his late mum topless along the walls from her modelling days when she went under the pseudonym Bootsy Bellows. Kind of a creepy tribute to your mum, but celebrities are usually eccentric.

4. Eva Longoria owns Kiss Nightclub in Los Angeles, USA
This former desperate housewive can’t be too desperate anymore with the millions she’s making from TV and movies, as well as a bit on the side from Kiss Nightclub. A nightclub with an unsurprisingly Latino theme above Beso Restaurant, Longoria’s reaping all the benefits.

Originally published here at barsandnightclubs.com.au on Thursday 14 February 2013

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