4 Personas Guys Put On When Picking Up

When we go out on the prowl in clubs, guys tend to put on a bit of an act when trying to impress girls. Some get drunk to let loose and look “fun and cool” to look more appealing, while others who may still be sober just simply pretend to be suave to get some (they say confidence is the key to picking up after all).But some go further than others by putting on a specific persona in order to attract a particular type of girl. The things we do to impress women…

1. Classy Guy
These businessmen types dress formally, usually in dark suits made by Vercase or some shit like that, essentially the type of interchangeable men you’d see on any given episode of Sex And The City. If we’re going to base these men on SATC (just for argument’s sake, it is only a TV show after all, though many women take it far more seriously than that, hehe…), then the men on it are very suave, have a great dress sense and seem rich. They brag about their job a lot, like what a killing they made in the stock market or how they drive a Porsche. If you’re a guy trying to attract a classy lady, look no further than Mr Big (Doodle), or alternatively Patrick Bateman in American Psycho.

2. Cultured Guy
Guys seem to think that girls want a “deep” guy who knows all about arthouse films and the French directors that made them and paintings that symbolise something you never would’ve associated with what’s in the actual painting to begin with. They even over analyse music, forgetting it’s just a song. They can go on and on in detail about any artistic subject. Despite this often mocked, snobby stereotype, the males are just like any other guy, using their knowledge to sound clever to women, when in reality they just sound like pretentious tools who the girl probably can tell is fake anyway. I use American Psycho as yet another example:

3. Goth Guy
Remember the Emo fad of the mid-’00s? Even before Robert Pattison made it big by being a brooding yet literately sparkling vampire in the Twilight movies, guys have believed girls loved the dark loner for being mysterious and edgy. From having heaps of (possibly fake) tattoos, eyeliner and just simply wearing only black clothes (preferably a long coat too), the more unkempt and “suicide-y” a guy looks, the more intriguing he is.

4. Party Guy
These are cool, standoffish guys who act like they don’t care they’re at a nightclub because they’re “too cool” for it and they don’t care that hot girls are around them or trying to get their attention because this happens all the time. But they also strut their stuff on the dance floor to impress the gals too. They’re like the goth guy, in that they don’t give a shit, which apparently (according to them) gets plenty of female attention.

Originally published here at barsandnightclubs.com.au on Saturday 13 April 2013

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