4 Reasons Why Guys Make Better Wingmen Than Girls

Certain occupations out there tend to be either male orientated or female orientated. It’s no coincidence that most tradies are blokey blokes, whereas most childcare workers are clucky girls. It’s not that the opposite sex can’t do the work; it’s just that particular gender’s natural aptitude for either building houses or changing shitty nappies. So when talking about wingmenat nightclubs, it’s not that women can’t do it; it’s just more of a male thing. The “man” in “wingman” in itself shows that this is a bloke’s job. Here’s why:

1. Other Women Get The Wrong Idea
This is a common way having a girl hang out with a male friend can backfire big time. Several times I have heard guys say that having a female friend with them at a nightclub made other girls think they both were taken, ruining both his and her chances of picking up. If a random girl sees a guy at a nightclub she reckons is hot having a ripper of a conversation with another girl, her first thought isn’t going to be “Oh, they’re really good friends, how cute”.

2. Women Are Too Social
Women are very chatty, even with women they have just met. Though the wingwoman’s conversation might have initially started with them talking their guy friend up to the unsuspecting girl, the conversation could go on a tangent when one girl compliments the other girl’s shoes or dress, then going even further off topic. The wingwoman then forgets all about the fact her male friend wants more than conversation with her new gal pal.

3. Women Don’t Desire Other Women
Unless the wingwoman’s a lesbian, she just does not understand a guy’s urge to impregnate women (albeit a very unconscious urge disguised as “scoring”). Yes, wingwomen definitely have a better understanding of female psychology and what a girl might like in a guy, but that also means she has little to no understanding of male psychology and has no idea how awesome boobs are!

4. Wingwomen Determine The Man’s Social Standing
While a wingman is supposed to talk to his friend’s target’s girl friends and distract potential distractions and disasters ruining his mate’s chances with the lucky lady, a wingwoman represents to other women that he’s a good bloke if he can be just friends with the girl he’s talking to. The wingwoman’s looks also determines the success rate the guy has at getting hotties wanting him. If he’s got a goddess of a friend, his chances are sky high, but if she’s not so hot, then other girls might think he’s undesirable.

Originally published here at barsandnightclubs.com.au on Saturday 29 September 2012

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