5 Aussie Politicians That Partied Too Hard

Whenever it’s election time, all we hear are empty promises by politicians about reducing taxes, stomping down on crime, and helping average Aussie families. Also during election time, politicians’ cattiness goes beyond being ridiculous and they are more than happy to point out any indiscretions of the opposition.

The moment a politician goes out partying, they are deemed immoral and hypocritical for going to places where the family values they harp on about are thrown out the window. You’d hope they had the night of their lives for all the flak they got for it afterwards.

1. Kevin Rudd
Rudd copped a lot of shit during the 2007 Federal election when it was revealed that he went to the notorious strip club Scores in Manhattan in September 2003. Not only was he chastised for being drunk and going to a place where women are diminished to being sex objects, but Rudd was in America as the Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister, with all his expenses being paid with taxpayers’ money. Rudd was even asked to leave for touching the strippers. But all this worked in Rudd’s favour; many thought this incident was hilarious and made Rudd appear more human, more of an Aussie larrikin to be exact, and he shortly after became the PM.

2. Bob Hawke
Happening way back in 1955 before he even finished uni, Hawke one night at Oxford set a world record by drinking 2.5 pints of beer from a yard glass in 11 seconds! This was a “punishment” for not wearing a robe in the Great Hall for dinner; think of it as a British version of the ridiculous fraternity initiation rites in American college comedies. Hawke reckons this accomplishment helped him become PM due to Australia’s strong beer culture more than any of his political achievements did. Trust an Aussie to be the one to break a record for skoaling beer.

3. Malcolm Fraser
On 14 October 1986, the former PM was caught at the Admiral Benbow Inn in Memphis absolutely plastered, wearing nothing but a towel and had no idea where he left his pants. Being a dodgy place where prostitutes and drug dealers conducted business, it was speculated that Fraser was there rooting a hooker. Though Fraser’s wife claims Malcolm was the victim of a practical joke by his fellow delegates, it all still seems suss nonetheless.

4. Belinda Neal
This Federal MP got into strife on 6 June 2008 when she and her senator husband John Della Bosca went to Iguana Waterfront Bar in Gosford and were very abusive to the bar’s staff and once the manager got involved to resolve the matter, Neal threatened to have everyone fired and get the club closed. The manager claims Neal spat in his face!

5. Julia Gillard
This is more a case of not partying hard enough (if at all), but still noteworthy. Julia Gillard was invited to a gay and lesbian nightclub in Darwin in July 2010 where drag queens were doing a Julia Gillard tribute show called “Primed Minister”. Being Australia’s first female Prime Minister, Gillard probably thought she should act more ladylike than her male predecessors by not going to the crazy party. Considering Gillard doesn’t approve of gay marriage, the nightclub probably invited her ironically. Can’t imagine she’d get too many invites to parties though, since everyone knows she’s a backstabber; just ask Kevin Rudd.

Originally published here at barsandnightclubs.com.au on Saturday 16 June 2012

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