5 Biggest Turn Offs In The Nightclub Girls Do

Generally speaking, the likelihood of a guy and girl hooking up is often judged by the guy’s actions, how charming he is, being a smooth talker, and even just by his demeanor. If he stuffs up in any of these departments, the girl’s turned off and ditches him.

But as the old saying goes, it takes two to tango, and the girl has to act in a civilised, adult manner as well. If she acts like a stuck up cow or acts in an embarrassing and stupid way (and not necessarily because she’s drunk either), then the guy’s not going to want to be seen with this chick. Though it is society’s view that if a guy ditches a girl, he’s the biggest arsehole in the world, but there are plenty of reasons when a guy doing this is completely justified.

1. Being A Stuck Up Bitch
No one likes a bitch who talks shit about you or others, or is just a bad person. These are vain, malicious girls who are full of themselves and are mean just for the sake of it who are rotten to the core. These girls aren’t likely to pay attention to you as they already found someone they love: themselves. Even if you’re a guy who just wants a one night stand, though the girl might not necessary be your soul mate, she should at least have a soul!

2. Swears Too Much
Unless the guy’s a real prude (if he is, why is he at a nightclub to begin with?), guys won’t care too much if a girl swears. However, if everything she says is “fuck” this or “shit” that, then it becomes annoying. Though to say to a girl she’s not being ladylike is extremely dated, you do want her to act with some class. If a guy wants to hear foul language, he’ll talk to his mates.

3. Acting Like A Princess
On the other hand, you don’t want girls to act like a spoiled brat who always gets her way. This is when girls always complain that things a guy does isn’t good enough, like the exy drink he got her tastes shit and blaming him for it. A girl’s ridiculous demands and expectations, especially if it’s a girl you just met while clubbing, aren’t worth dealing with.

4. Flirting With Other Guys
When chatting up girls, guys want to think they’re the only guy the girl notices at the club. So it’s quite crushing and rude when after sexy dancing with you, she ditches you and straight away starts sweet talking other guys. Talk about being used!

5. Acting Really Slutty
Though many guys go to nightclubs to meet girls to have one night stands with, believe it or not, guys do have some standards in how they want girls to act. Though guys want girls to be sexy, we don’t them dry humping everything with a cock on it. It looks whorish and makes us consider getting checked for STIs for just being near the sluts.

Originally published here at barsandnightclubs.com.au on Wednesday 27 June 2012

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