5 Haunted Nightclubs

All young people fear the fact that their partying and clubbing days will one day end, and that they will also get old and die. However, like drunks who just don’t get the hint when bouncers try to guide them to the exit, the spirits of dead people just won’t leave the club. That’s right, there is such a thing as a haunted nightclub. Not even death can make these peeps stop party rocking!

Bobby Mackey’s Music World
Country singer Bobby Mackey brought an old abandoned building in 1978 in Wilder, Kentucky, and turned it into a country bar that he named after himself (ego, much?) What he didn’t know was that he brought the site’s disturbing history with it. The former slaughterhouse was used by Satanists to practice devil worshiping. One of the Satanists brought his pregnant girlfriend Pearl to the slaughterhouse to give her an abortion that went horribly wrong, so he and a fellow Satanist murdered her and cut her head off; the head was believed to be dropped into the well of blood used to drain animal blood in the basement.

The site was a nightclub in the 1950s where a woman named Johanna committed suicide after her singer boyfriend was murdered by her mobster father’s henchmen for getting Johanna pregnant. When Mackey brought the site, his employees claimed they say strange things happen, like lights flicking on and off, objects moving, and even flat out seeing both Pearl and Johanna’s ghosts!

Excalibur Nightclub
This Chicago nightclub opened in 1985, and was formerly a church and a morgue. Objects would move on their own, glasses fell and shattered for no reason, cold spots, and one manager arrived in the morning to see glasses and liquor bottles broken (without triggering the motion detectors!). Employees claim to have heard the voices of people they knew call out their name, though the person wasn’t even at the club.

Masquerade Nightclub
This Atlanta goth club was built on the site of an old mill that opened in 1890 where many people died from fires and structural collapses. Many claim to have seen a large black man walking around the club, and that musical amplifiers often get turned upside down. Mysterious footsteps and horrifying screams have also been heard.

Caesars Nightclub
There have been reports of mysterious screams, footsteps in empty corridors, moving dark shapes, doors opening by themselves and various ghosts lurk this London club. One ghost is believed to be convicted murderer Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hung in England who worked at Caesars in 1948 when the club was called The Locarno.

Pat O’Brien’s
Employees of the New Orleans bar have felt cold spots, heard footsteps near the piano despite no one being near it, and have felt the feeling of being pushed despite being alone. The girls toilet is haunted by the ghost of a female restroom attendant; ladies have reported footsteps, sighs and even laughter, despite no other girls being in there.

Originally published here at barsandnightclubs.com.au on Friday 25 May 2012

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