5 Reasons Why Clubbing Is More For Girls Than Guys

Clubbing is obviously a popular pastime with both genders on Friday and Saturday nights to go out and have some fun. But who’s it for: boys or girls? When you think about it, clubbing is definitely aimed at girls more so than guys. Now obviously, nightclubs aren’t as female orientated as shops like Supre or Bardot are, but think about it.Girls go clubbing to dance, drink, socialise, and see their girlfriends. Guys go to drink with their mates and chat up chicks; that’s about it.

Don’t believe me? Consider the facts:

1. Girls Have Far Less Trouble Getting Into Clubs Than Guys
When bouncers decide who to let into their “prestigious” nightclub, a group of girls will get in no worries despite what they’re wearing, but for a group of guys, their fate is uncertain and depends how good of a mood the bouncer’s in. If a guy is even wearing one little thing that the bouncer doesn’t like (or thinks they can use it as an excuse to bar people), then that guy’s not getting in. This is a brilliant example of sexism in nightclubs, though ironically it’s from (mostly) male bouncers telling their fellow men to piss off.

2. Girls Always Start Dancing Before Guys Do
When the music finally starts playing during the early hours of the night, girls are always the first ones to dance. And said girls are what gets the guys up (in more ways than one). When these girls were teenagers, you can bet that when they had sleepovers with their gal pals, they put on some shitty teenybopper music and danced to it. Dancing’s something they enjoy doing. Guys, do you remember when you started randomly dancing at your mate’s house when you were a teen? Neither do I.

3. All The Girls Dress Up
Granted both girls and guys have to dress to impress, especially the bouncer to get admittance, but going out for a night on the town gives girls an excuse to doll themselves up with a ridiculous amount of makeup and wear their best clothes and heels. Ever since they were little girls, they love trying on clothes and make up. Now they’re at an age where they can do all this properly.

4. Girls Like Socialising
If there’s one thing all guys think girls do, it’s that they talk way too much. A polite way of putting this is that most girls love socialising, meeting and talking to new people, and nightclubs are full of new people for them to chat to. Even on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that girls have far more friends than guys do, and it’s not just because heaps of guys add them to perv at photos of them in bikinis.

5. More Girly Drinks Than Blokey Drinks
Though every bar and nightclub claims it has a huge variety of booze, when you properly look at it, most of the drinks are aimed at females. There’s only about a billion cocktails out there with those silly little umbrellas in them, as well as wines and champagnes. It’s no problem for girls to drinks beer or spirits, but guys fear they will look gay if they try any fruity drinks.

Originally published here at barsandnightclubs.com.au on Wednesday 13 February 2013

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