5 Reasons Why Party Buses Are Amazing

We’ve all seen party buses full of peeps partying in a huge moving vehicle and having the time of their lives while we look on in envy. (Well, I have anyway). Have you ever wanted to organise one for you and your friends to to enjoy a night out on the town? I mean night out on the town quite literately as you’ll be going from club to club all night.Well, if you haven’t, this article will totes make you finally get a move on to take a ride on the wild side (on a bus). Ironic that most of us cringe at the thought of having to catch a bus with gross weirdos, but this way you’re on a bus full of drunken weirdos, and you’re one of them! (And no, the Nightrider doesn’t count as a party bus, despite the drunken weirdos on it).

1. No Designated Driver
There obviously is a (hopefully) licensed bus driver driving you all, but unlike most nights out where one of the gang is roped into being the deso and has to suffer through the night sober, there’s no need for this to happen with a party bus. Everyone gets to party! Score!

2. The Party Is Mobile
If you’re going from club to club in a mate’s car or a taxi, the best you can hope for to keep feeling pumped is having the car stereo on full blast. But frankly, it’s not just not the same. Party buses, however, have proper speakers set up around the bus, so when you go from club to club, there’s no awkward silence, or more specifically, awkward lack of music to kill the party mood. (Unless you count the time between exiting the club and entering the bus, but then you’re just being pedantic!).

3. Go To A Nightclub You Haven’t Partied At Before
This may sound obvious as the whole point of hiring a party bus is to try something different, but unless you’re the most hardcore party person to ever live, there’s bound to be some nightclubs you’ve never checked out for whatever reason. Party buses will take you to such new nightclubs to give you a brand new clubbing experience to add to that already accomplished list of yours. Now you can brag about how you partied at whatever the club was like a million other people do.

4. Brilliant For Bucks/Hens Nights
Party buses help your gal pals or buddies get from bar to nightclub to strip club (and not necessarily in that order). Buses made for hens nights have dancing poles inside them for gals giddy to do the moves the groom to be is watching naked chicks do on their bucks night.

5. No Looking For Taxis
What a pain in the arse it is to find a maxi taxi or two that will take all of your friends from one place to another! With a party bus, you don’t need to waste the precious hours of the night not just looking for a maxi taxi, but one that will actually take you to your destination!

Originally published here at barsandnightclubs.com.au on Tuesday 19 February 2013

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