5 Reasons Why You Should Go Clubbing For ANZAC Day

Some people may feel that going out partying for ANZAC Day might be disrespectful to the men and women who died fighting in war serving our country. Yes, many died in the various wars Australia (and New Zealand for that matter) have fought in over the years and that’s terrible, and businesses close for a day just so we can pay our respects to them. War is hell, as they say.

However, when you think about it, drinking and partying on ANZAC Day is a great way to pay tribute to the ANZACs. They weren’t only protecting the Australian way of life, they were the epitome of it! They were beer guzzling Aussies after all.

1. Soldiers Are Big Drinkers
How do you think soldiers cope with all the horrible shit they see in war zones? Drinking to forget about the shit they’re in, of course! That’s not to promote drinking alcohol as a way to drown your sorrows, but you’d do anything to make yourself feel good after seeing peeps getting blown to shit too! So basically, soldiers are big drinkers, and you’re a big drinker. What’s a more fitting tribute to our fallen soldiers than getting blotto like they did!

2. Celebrating How Good You’ve Got It
If Australia hadn’t fought in the shitty wars it’s been involved in, who knows where we’d be today. Remember, Japan did bomb Darwin all those years ago; Australia may have become a very different place if we hadn’t retaliated. The very fact you have the opportunity to go out and party on any given weekend in itself shows what a good life you actually have thanks to the sacrifice of people who died. People in many other countries don’t get that option. So go out and show your appreciation by living it up!

3. The Party’s Not On ANZAC Day Itself
As any ANZAC Day parties at nightclubs would be happening the night before, technically you haven’t been disrespectful to the memory of the ANZACs. Granted, these parties will obviously go past midnight, so it does seep into the day itself, but provided you’re not too hungover when the sun’s up, you can still go out and pay your respects.

4. Nightclubs Aren’t Gallipoli
I’m not talking about the infamous battle that has been part of Australian culture for nearly a century now (despite the fact it happened all the way in Turkey), I’m talking about Gallipoli today. Many times over the years, Aussies go there on ANZAC Day, get drunk and trash the place, all in the name of “paying tribute” when they’ve actually disgraced the ANZACs’ legacy, and make modern day Aussies look bad to the local Turks. So if you go clubbing, at least you’re not trashing sacred ground.

5. It’s A Public Holiday
Enough said really. Lest we forget (hopefully you don’t, otherwise you’ll go to uni or work for nothing!).

Originally published here at barsandnightclubs.com.au on Wednesday 24 April 2013

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