5 Ways To Get Rid Of Gatecrashers

Whenever we host a private party either at a house, a hall or a nightclub function room, we all want the people we invited to come and rock out with us. Unfortunately, there are dickheads out there also looking for a good time who think it’s an awesome idea to rock up to your party uninvited, drinking booze that cost you money that was never intended for them to continue their bender on.

Though a lot of gatecrashers are just out to have a good time, many out there go around looking to cause trouble and sometimes even get violent. To make sure nothing happens, you got to make them leave, but obviously don’t want to cause a scene that will kill the party. So how does one go about getting uninvited idiots to piss off?

1. Ask Them Who They Are
Asking this awkward question immediately tells the gatecrasher that the host has spotted the stranger who somehow came across their party. By asking who they are, this tells the gatecrasher they know the gatecrasher is not supposed to be there. This is a less confrontational way of saying ‘What are you doing here?!’

2. Politely Ask Them To Leave
Simply take the gatecrasher aside and ask them in a polite but firm manner to leave the party. If you get aggressive about it, the gatecrasher will get aggressive too and try to bash you. Unless the gatecrasher’s really obnoxious, they will leave when asked. This is one of those instances where good old fashioned manners make all the difference.

3. Have Your Mates Back You Up
If the gatecrasher looks rough, prepare to fight fire with fire. If they look rough and would get in your face when you confront them, get the biggest guys at the party to come with you to not so subtly tell the gatecrasher you mean business. Your friends will be getting into fight mode too; the gatecrasher isn’t just ruining the party for the host, but for them too.

4. Ask For Invitation Or Wristband
While nightclubs have guest lists that can be checked at the door and immediately know if you were an invited guest or not, this is harder to determine at parties at halls. If your party has a strict guest list, make sure your guest bring their invitation along or get the wristband when they enter. If they don’t have either, they’re out.

5. Get The Bouncers To Remove Them
If you can’t get rid of a gatecrasher yourself, not to worry, get the bouncers to do it. It is their job after all and neither you nor your mates have to worry about getting bashed by some psycho looking for trouble. Your guests will probably notice this intervention happening and this might embarrass you, but at least no one got hurt!

Originally published here at barsandnightclubs.com.au on Saturday 7 July 2012

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