6 Annoying Complaints On Nights Out

Don’t you just hate it when people state the obvious? Or when they complain about mundane stuff? What’s the point? Granted, inconvenient things anger us all, but it’s still very tedious and annoying when you have to hear it. It’s another reminder of how boring and predictable people can be. It’s also annoying when people carry on and get angry over things they can’t change, making their rising anger redundant. Though nightclubs themselves are fun and vibrant, the conversations that arise from them are not always so.

1. How You Weren’t Let Into The Club
It’s only natural to be angry about not being let into the club you had planned on going to when the bouncer initially knocks you back, but please don’t go on and on about it an hour later! There are plenty of other nightclubs around, ones more than willing to accept your business that the other club was foolish enough to reject.

2. You Weren’t Let Into The Club Because You’re In A Group Of Guys
It’s common to see groups of young fellas getting knocked about because there aren’t any girls in the group or how there are too many guys inside. Unfortunately, it’s also common for guys to go on and on about how it’s not fair that guys get discriminated against like this. At least one guy will say how they wished they were a girl for the night or that girls have it easier. Guys, you know it’s a very likely possibility that bouncers will use your dicks as an excuse to bar you, that’s common knowledge in the clubbing world. So don’t be too surprised when this happens (and it will happen).

3. The Line For Drinks Is Long
Complaining about how big the line for drinks is or how slow the bartenders are is pointless. No amount of whining will solve this problem, so why bother wasting your beer breath? All those people in front of you aren’t going to disappear because you don’t like them being between you and your booze, and the bartenders aren’t going to speed up because it’s convenient for you. Just suck it up and wait in line like everyone else.

4. The Hot Random Isn’t Into You
Though many can shrug off when a random hottie you tried to talk to snobs you off, some peeps, particularly girls, get very upset. Yes, it was very rude of them not to have acknowledged you and hopefully karma will bite them on the arse as retribution, but this happens at nightclubs. Nightclubs are meat markets that are very much about natural selection, so if they aren’t keen on you, that’s it. Then your friend who wants to have a good time now has to tend to your whinging, ruining their night too.

5. Long Line For The Toilet
Believe it or not, after everyone else has had drink after drink, they too need to piss. You may be thinking “Yeah, no shit” (though there actually is shit where you’re heading), but people tend to forget this very basic fact of life. Yes, long lines for the dunny are really frustrating when you’re barely holding your alcohol drenched urine in your bladder, but the people in front of you felt the need to whiz first and lined up earlier, so just be patient.

6. Can’t Get A Taxi
It can be stressful finding a taxi that’s not only free, but has a cabbie willing to take you home if it’s on the way to their own house as their shift’s ending. But there’s really no point in getting mad when there aren’t any around at the particular time you want to call it a night. There are plenty of taxis in the city and one of them is bound to help you out.

Originally published here at barsandnightclubs.com.au on Tuesday 25 September 2012

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