6 Reasons Why Having A Wingman Ruins Your Chances Of Picking Up

When trying to pick up chicks at clubs, often guys will get one of their mates to play the role of wingman, where said friend has to talk to the girl that’s caught his mate’s eye and get her to like the friend. Having a wingman must work to some degree, otherwise it wouldn’t be such a common practice amongst horny men.

However, probably to many women out there, having a wingman could really ruin any chance you had of scoring. Chicks could just see it as being a really tacky and lame thing for guys to do. First impressions count at nightclubs, so don’t let your mate give the wrong one.

1. Using A Wingman Looks Wussy
The fact you had to get your friend to introduce you to the girl is a sign of weakness suggesting that you couldn’t just go up to the girl by yourself, so you had to get your friend to do your dirty work. Chicks dig confidence, and using your friend to start the conversation will make you reek of shyness and wussiness. Or at the very least, it’ll look lame.

2. Your Wingman Does It All Wrong
The wingman’s tactic to get the girl to talk to you could be absolutely terrible! Unless you and your mate planned out what to say to chicks (which is lame), your friend could easily say something that puts the girl off. From a dirty joke about how she and your mate should bang or a comment about her looks, one false move and you’re fucked (without any of the actual fucking you hoped for).

3. Your Wingman Could Steal Your Thunder
If your wingman is better looking than you, the girl will probably rather keep talking to the wingman who had the courage to talk to her by himself, leaving you back at square one. Let’s face it, who’s she more likely to talk to: a Taylor Lautner lookalike or Taylor’s tag along bum of a friend? Bastard!

4. Your Wingman’s Poor Judgment
Poor judgment wrecks a wingman’s ability in two ways. For one, he could see a girl and say to his mate that she’s been eyeing him the whole time and that she’s a sure thing, when in reality she was looking at the guy behind you and is in no way interested, resulting in embarassment for you. Secondly, whether the wingman’s drunk or just has really bad taste in women, he might pick a real shocker for you. By “shocker”, I mean by looks or bad personality or both, putting you in a world of bother that you now have to deal with.

5. Your Wingman Gives Girls Bad Info
The wingman could tell the girl something you don’t want her to know, like some embarassing story about you that completely puts her off, like how you took a shit in the street because you were too drunk to find a toilet. It’s not even endearingly embarrassing; it just makes you look like a tool. This just proves there is such a thing as too much information.

6. Your Wingman Talks You Up Too Much
On the other hand, your mate could be trying to hard to make you sound tops, and start exaggerating to the point where even you think your “achievements” are ridiculous. The girls will probably think you’re a show off and a know-it-all, therefore will make sure she doesn’t become one of your many achievements.

Originally published here at barsandnightclubs.com.au on Monday 15 October 2012

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