7 Reasons Why Picking Up Is The Only Reason To Go Clubbing

We all claim that we originally went clubbing to party with friends and drink up, and while those reasons are true to some extent, we cannot deny our lustful nature to tap every tight piece of arse that gets us either erect or ovulating.

Yes, there are plenty of times you believe you have no interest in picking up a random at the club, but deep down, you can’t help but wonder if you can hook up with a hottie at some point.

1. You Can Go Anywhere Else To See Mates
There are plenty of activities you can do with your friends on a Friday or Saturday night that doesn’t involve clubbing, from going to the footy, a restaurant, or even just hanging out at someone’s house. If you wanted to catch up with friends, you’d go somewhere you can actually both hear and talk to them, not somewhere where it’s just doosh doosh noise drowning out every other noise known to man. You’d go to a nightclub specifically to meet members of the opposite sex where conversation isn’t your main goal with them.

2. People Are Drunk
People, especially girls, can be very apprehensive when talking to a random at a club. But once they’re pissed, they let go of their inhibitions, therefore they’re far more likely to take a fancy to you, simply because they got their beer goggles on. That’s not to say you’re so ugly that they have to be drunk to pash you; grog just makes people easier to pick up.

3. Easy To Meet New People
Hotties won’t randomly knock on your door for a root, so you have to seek them out. There’s heaps of them at nightclubs who you try not to think of as strangers but as friends you haven’t met yet.

4. Everyone Else Wants To Pick Up Too
Just like you, others reckon they went clubbing to party with friends, but are in denial too. If they are single, they probably have some interest in picking up. Even if they are taken, they want to feel validated that they could score if it weren’t for the ball and chain called commitment.

5. Everyone Makes Themselves Look Hot
We all have to look presentable to get into nightclubs for dealing with bouncers anyway, so you might as well try to look hot. Wearing your best threads not only makes you look as attractive as possible, but shows you put in the effort to look stylish.

6. To See If You Can Do It
If for no other reason, you want to know if you got the goods to interest others. Nothing raises one’s self esteem like being able to reel in babes effortlessly.

7. Common Knowledge That People Go Clubbing To Pick Up
Everyone knows nightclubs are meat markets, so of course everyone expects there’s going to be a lot of seducing going on. Though we think we went there for partying and booze, we all know the real reason.

Originally published here at barsandnightclubs.com.au on Saturday 18 AugustĀ 2012

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