Are Pick Up Lines Out Of Date?

When you see a guy try chatting up a girl, you might roll your eyes, thinking there goes another sleazebag trying to get laid. But if you’re within earshot of the two, even with the pumping nightclub music, perhaps you might even hear him using some cheesy pick up line that his stupid grin shows he thinks was awesome.But she will probably either roll her eyes, walk off, look away from him, laugh in his face, or all of the above. A common occurrence at nightclubs, isn’t it? This begs the question: are pick up lines out of date?

I honestly feel that pick up lines were more of a thing from our parents’ era, something that would have been effective with impressing girls back in the ’70s and ’80s, maybe even in the ’90s too. But those decades were a long time ago, all left behind in the 20th century that has long gone. Society as a whole has changed, from obvious things like fashion and technology to less tangible things like our way of living and thinking. Back then, gender equality was still a new ideal, so guys still had to be the ones to court these “dependent” women. Nowadays, women are not only self-sufficient, but are more world weary than their mums might have been about men.

Though guys might think they’re being spontaneous when they use some “amazing” pick up line on an unsuspecting girl they just noticed at a nightclub, girls know there is a good chance guys will hit on them, whether they want guys ogling them or not. They are not the gullible bimbos many guys hope they are to make their job easier. That’s the nature of nightclubs, and the fairer sex are well and truly aware of this thanks to the countless other horny buggers who tried to seduce them in the past.

Pick up lines are all cheesy, sleazy or lame, or all three. Girls don’t really seem to be enticed by them anymore (but were they ever?). These days, if a guy used a cheesy pickup line, the girl will probably laugh at them, not with them, and walk off. Frankly, pick up lines are also kind of immature. To what I gather, girls would prefer guys just start a mature conversation with them (as mature as a drunken convo in a nightclub can get though, mind you), not some stupid line that guys think will make girls spread their legs at the drop of a hat.

Think about it: would you be impressed if someone used some silly line they probably either saw on the internet or uttered in a comedy movie (which was probably done to point out how lame the movie’s protagonist is, though the dudes watching the flick clearly didn’t get the joke). Of course not; that’s a stupid idea!

If you’ve had success with pick up lines lately, by all means feel free to disagree with me. Perhaps pick up lines can work as good icebreakers and shows the girl you have a good sense of humour, but it was most definitely not, and never will be, the pick up line itself that impressed her. Period.

Originally published here at on Sunday 10 February 2013

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