Catfights In The Club: Hot Or Not?

After one too many drinks, people let loose and let all their inhibitions go. Unfortunately, some people become more aggressive and very easily get agitated over little retarded things like people they reckon are looking at them the wrong way or think someone is hitting on their partner. When guys do this, everyone reckons it’s horrible and bouncers have to break it up. However, when girls fight, it’s a whole other story.

While bouncers of course break up girl fights as well, a lot of guys watching catfights happening right in front of them on a night out reckon it’s pretty darn sexy. Girls often consider catfights either horrible or amusing, and like with lesbians, they roll their eyes when they see guys enamored by it.

But why is an act of violence between two women deemed sexy? The answer’s pretty simple really. It has nothing to do with having sadomasochistic tendencies either: like why guys love lesbians, it’s because the chicks are touching each others’ bodies all over.

To guys, catfights are like a form of foreplay between lady lovers:

– Scantily dressed = Sexy clothing/lingerie (though they dressed like this before the catfight, it still helps)

– Swearing/name calling (slut, ho, skank, etc.) = Dirty talk

– Shoving = Caressing

– Slapping = Spanking

– Hair pulling = Stroking each others’ hair

– Scratching = Digging nails in (playing rough)

– Screaming/screeching = Moaning

– Tearing each others clothes (revealing flesh) = Undressing each other (getting naked!)

– Using broken bottles/objects = Sex toys (e.g. whips)

Sounds pretty titillating, doesn’t it fellas?

But consider this: catfights are considered hot for the same reasons foxy boxing and mud wrestling are, sans wet dirt. It’s because they’re a performance made to fulfill the common male fantasy of two hot chicks getting rough and dirty with one another. Those ladies are acting to arouse men to get their money, just like strippers. The women are always hot and toned too, the type most guys could never get; guys don’t want average looking girls they see everyday, they want smokin’ hot sluts. It is a fantasy after all.

Reality is not like Playboy magazines where supermodels in skimpy lingerie have pillow fights. Girls fighting in nightclubs are not doing it to turn guys on; they want to fucking hurt each other! How is a chick trying to stab another chick with a broken beer bottle sexy? This hatred towards one another that’s gotten to the point of violence could not possibly end in them kissing and making up/out.

Fellow guys out there, have you ever gotten into a punch on with another guy who’s given you the shits big time and then suddenly you’ve had the urge to brush up your facial hair with theirs while tasting their lips? Of course not; you still hate them, even if you’ve stopped fighting. Why would it be any different for women?

I personally don’t think catfights are hot: with women, I want lovers, not fighters. But I certainly do understand the psychology behind it!

Originally published here at on Monday 2 July 2012

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