Chatting Up Hot Girls On Trains

We all groan at the mere thought of having to use trains. And why is that? The other people that use public transport, like weirdos, junkies, teen gangster wannabes and general dickheads. However, for probably 10 or so of the above, you get a hot chick too, one definitely worth checking out on your otherwise long, boring train ride. Unfortunately for these gals, all the weirdos and so called normal guys noticed them too (we’re men after all!).

Though these girls would be use to male attention by now (whether it’s wanted or not), any attention they get skyrockets when they’re all dolled up in a short skirt and tight top ready to par-tay on a Saturday night. A generally good looking girl who knows how to amplify her assets to look hawt is always going to be popular with the boys and be the envy of not-so-good looking girls. But if any of these girls can’t get a lift with their friends, they might end up catching the train into town, getting guys gawking at them long before they’re waiting in line at the club.

You know how a lot of girls get pissed off when a million sleazoids hit on them at clubs? Gals get even more annoyed being hit on when they’re catching the city bound train. Their night hasn’t even bloody started, and already some knob thinking with his dick is cracking onto her. So what’s the etiquette here? Is it okay to hit on girls on the train? In theory, I don’t see why not. You don’t know them any better inside a nightclub than you do on a train. If anything, you could get to know them better on a train, simply because you can actually hear what they’re saying! The fact is, though of course many girls go out clubbing to have a good time with their gal pals, they know it’s pretty likely dudes will hit on them, simply because that’s what happens at nightclubs.

However, unlike nightclubs blasting music, the other passengers can hear you cracking onto the girl and the girl yelling at you to fuck off. There’s a good chance a good samaritan, whether it’s a cop on the job or just another dude who’s had enough to the shit going down, will tell the sleaze to leave her alone, resulting in an argument or maybe even a fight. Even in this day and age, men who don’t know each other will quarrel over a damsel in distress.

So what do you do if you see a girl you like on the train? It’s just like at clubs, if she responds positively to you, go for it, but if she gets shitty and tells you to get lost, do so before some self-proclaimed hero comes to her rescue and bash you over a lass neither of you know.

Originally published here at on Monday 15 April 2012

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