Clubbing Areas In Aussie Cities People Brag About

I hate stuck up people. There’s nothing good about them. I just do not understand how someone can think they are so much better than others, and it’s usually over such trivial things, like their job, where they live, or how much money they have. This also extends to where they drink.

Think about it: have you ever overheard some tools talk about going to bars, nightclubs or even restaurants in certain areas and talk about that area as if they’re top shit for having been there? If you don’t get what I mean, have a read below and see what areas you should avoid if you don’t want to run into douchebags.

It’s basically areas that are full of bars and clubs, and I understand why these areas would be popular, but frankly a lot of people do this; it’s nothing worth acting arrogant over.

Being a Melbourne boy, it’s impossible to count how many times I’ve heard people say they went to certain places and the smug look on their faces shows me that they think they’re really cool for merely mentioning the area. These areas aren’t as great as people make them out to be (they’re not bad as such, just nothing to be stuck up about is all). St Kilda is known for its bars, but also for its prostitutes. Fitzroy has the hipsters and is incredibly busy. Lygon Street has all these upscale cafes and restaurants, while Chapel Street is pill popper and dickhead central. While of course the CBD has the most clubs that people go to, the aforementioned areas seem to get more press for their own unique identities (i.e. sense of smugness).

Being the harbour city, of course Sydney is pretty stoked being surrounded by water and beautiful beaches. Kings Cross and Potts Point is the mecca of Sydney nightlife that’s so full on that it had a whole season of Underbelly based on crazy shit that happened there; peeps who party here think they’re bad asses living dangerously. Darling Harbour and Circular Quay are along Sydney’s beautiful waters and has Star Casino and heaps of nightclubs near it, allowing people to gloat how they’re cool for partying near water (though you’re fundamentally doing the same thing at a pool party at someone’s house). Oxford Street is considered Sydney’s main gay district, so more gloating for people who want to look open minded for the sake of looking good rather than for wanting equality. And naturally, Manly and Bondi have millions of tourists beaching it up all year round.

Gold Coast
The Gold Coast has fantastic weather and is the funnest city in Australia, so of course it’s going to think it’s too cool for school. Obviously Surfers Paradise is where all the tourists and party goers are heading to, but frankly all of the Gold Coast is just brimming with parties, hence why everyone goes there on holiday and brags about it.

Brisbane is quiet compared to the theme park filled city an hour away, but Fortitude Valley has a huge live music scene, without a doubt where all of Brisbane’s bohemians go to.

Perth‘s an even quieter city than Brisbane that looks mute by comparison, but Fremantle could be seen as a mix of Melbourne’s Lygon Street with heaps of cafes and restaurants and Perth’s Darling Harbour for being surrounded by water; can’t get much more smug than when mixing the ocean with lattes. Northbridge, Subiaco and Leederville also get bragged about.

Originally published here at on Thursday 31 January 2013

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