Cougars: A Sign Of Tragedy And Hope

To all guys out there, how hot are cougars? What’s the deal with them? Simply the fact they’re older should be enough reason to not be attracted to them, but despite their age, a good looking woman is a good looking woman. Just to think, if they’re still hot now, imagine how bangin’ they would have been back twenty or so years ago! Having ladies the likes of Samantha from Sex and the City gracing our presence at bars and nightclubs is freakin’ awesome; if only they were as easy as Samantha though. (Yes, I’m aware she’s a fictional character from a chick show I should pretend I don’t know).

Unfortunately, cougars are also a sign of the future (i.e. aging and death). All middle aged and elderly people are, but when we go out to bars and nightclubs, places that are usually filled with youth doing things that can be dismissed as us being “young and reckless”, it’s literately staring at us in the face. It’s ironic that though cougars are often out enjoying the nightlife, they are also a sign that one day these awesome nights of us partying and drinking way too much will end. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not before April 2026, but they will end. By their age, most of us will have kids to take care of who we will have to teach about the dangers of reckless partying and drinking that we ignored when our parents told us this boring safety crap. Then they will do the same with their own kids, who will also ignore their advice. Point being, getting old sucks.

Just imagine how the cougars themselves might feel, having all these younger people partying away, and wishing they could be that age again. Their youth is so close, yet so far away. Hell, I know people who are only in their mid-20s who would give just about anything to be 18 or 19 all over again, already feeling old (which is silly, but oh well).

But before this article becomes even more emo than it already has, cougars are also a sign of hope for us young clubbers. If they managed to keep themselves looking good even with the obvious wear and tear to their faces and bodies that life and childbirth gave them, we can do the same and hope to have young people perving on us when we’re old enough to be their parents. It’s also a sign that your drinking and clubbing days don’t necessarily have to end because your age starts with a four or higher, so whenever you see a cougar when you’re out clubbing next, raise your glasses to them or even shout them a drink.

Originally published here at on Monday 1 October 2012

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