Friday Vs. Saturday: Which Is The Best Night For Picking Up?

Ah, the weekend…the two days everyone looks forward to during the other five days of the week. Many can’t wait to hit the dance floor or consume more booze than their liver recommends to forget about the week’s crap. However, before your working week can end, there’s one final imperative decision you have to make: will you head to the club on Friday or Saturdaynight to try your hand at picking up?

If you’re particularly keen, you could just easily go both nights, but is one night really better for picking up than the other?

Believe it or not, there actually is a definitive answer, but don’t take my word for it. The facts speak for themselves.



1. Everyone’s just finished work or uni for the week, putting them in a super-duper mood, and they will only get happier as they get drunk (hopefully). The simple fact they’re happy will make them more receptive to your charms.

2.  Fridays tend to be (slightly) less busy than Saturdays, so less people around, therefore far less competition for you when trying to pick up that hottie.

3. Many bars and clubs tend to sell drinks cheaper (at least early on in the night) to celebrate the start of the weekend, so take advantage of this to keep more money in your wallet than you would have otherwise.


1. Though most people are happy and can put work or their studies aside for two days, some peoples’ jobs are all they think about and need more time to get over whatever happened at work or uni that pissed them off. Point being, they aren’t in the mood to be chatted up (yet).

2. Though there’s less people to compete with in picking up, that can also mean there are less babes around. The status quo works both ways.



1. There will be more people at bars and nightclubs on Saturday night, since they didn’t have to work during the daytime and get too tired to go out because of it. The more people there are, the more hotties there are to try to chat up.

2. Whereas Friday night drinks are a nice way to ease into the weekend, Saturday nights are for fully sick partying. The more festive (i.e. drunk) people are, the more likely they are to hook up with you.

3. Peeps have already enjoyed their Friday night and Saturday afternoon off, so they have rested enough to enjoy their Saturday night even more, so again they are in a top mood and more likely to talk to you.


1. There’s more people at clubs on Saturdays, which also means there’s plenty more competition for you to contend with to seduce your prey.

2. With more potential suitors around, that also means the hottie will be more picky in who they drink with.

And the winner is (drum roll) … Saturday! Though everyone’s in a top mood on Friday, everyone’s completely over their crappy week and ecstatic on Saturday and really ready to par-tay!

Originally published here at on Tuesday 11 September 2012

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